Coron Island Hopping Guide – All you need to know!

coron, philippines, island hopping

Coron in the Philippines is a part of Palawan Island. And similar to El Nido, the main reason for visiting are island hopping tours. Exploring endless amount of jaw-dropping views, limestone formations, hidden lagoons and lakes with a mixture salt and fresh water with our Coron Travel Guide.

Coron Island hopping tours

The best thing to do in Coron is jumping on a local boat and explore the breathtaking islands around.

coron island hopping

You can book your island hopping tour through your accommodation or probably the cheaper way is to go to the harbour and organize your tour there. Same like in El Nido Island hopping tours you can choose between a private boat or shared boat.

Price Coron Island hopping tour

The price in Coron for island hopping tour is a little bit higher. For a shared boat (10-14 people) the price is 1600 PHP per person. And it usually does not include lunch and entrance fee for each location. On every place you stop you pay additional 150-400 PHP per person.

coron, philippines, island hopping

Private island hopping tour Coron Philippines

The private boat is between 5000-6000 PHP for 4 people and doesn’t include lunch or entrance fees.
Because these tours are quite popular we recommend you to book the private boat and leave the harbour at 6 am in the morning.

Another advantage of having your private boat is that you can create your own personalized order and itinerary of the tour. We started at 6 am and headed to the most popular place first – Barracuda Lake.

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Barracuda Lake Coron Island hopping tour Philippines

Barracuda lake is actually a freshwater lake inside of a crater in the middle of the ocean. The water has an emerald blue colour and its incredibly clear!

The first 4m layer of the water is purely fresh water with the temperature around 28°C. As you are going down the water changes to salt water and at 14m deep the water temperature is rising to 38°C.

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coron, philippines, island hopping

Thanks to leaving at 6 am and choosing this location as the first spot of the day, we have been there the first and only people for a good one hour or so!

Banol Beach, Coron Philippines

A stunning white sandy pristine beach with wooden shacks on the water. This incredible place is in the middle of the ocean surrounded by impressive limestone formations.

coron, philippines, island hopping

Twin Lagoon Coron

Twin Lagoon is another jaw-dropping place. Two lagoons with incredible snorkelling conditions connected together by a narrow gap in the middle of a rock. On low tide, you can swim through an underwater bridge to get from one lagoon to another.

Unfortunately, this place loses all its magic with hundreds of people floating in their life jackets and getting stuck in the gap between lagoons. To truly enjoy this place, make sure you ask your captain to plan to visit this spot early in the morning.

twin lagoon coron philippines

Snorkelling stop

Ask your captain to show you one of many amazing snorkelling places and colourful coral heads under water.

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island hopping the philippines

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