Esperance, WA- The Ultimate Travel Guide

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Australia´s most beautiful beaches with sand that soft and fine it squeaks under your feet. Esperance is a town in Western Australia on the Southern Ocean coastline.

Esperance, Western Australia

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Esperance is a town in Western Australia on the Southern Ocean coastline. From Perth, it takes around 8 hours by car (720 km) or 1,5 hour flight by plane.
It was for almost two years a dream of mine to go to Esperance and April 2019 I finally convinced Matty for a road trip from Perth – Esperance – Perth!:)

We packed our 4WD car and started the 1 – month long journey of 4870km mostly off the beaten tracks.

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What is Esperance famous for

Esperance is on the top of a travel bucket list of many people. And there are a few good reasons why!
It´s said Esperance has Australia’s most beautiful and whitest beaches with pristine turquoise waters. The sand is soft and clear that it creates a squeaky sound when you walk on it.

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Lucky Bay in Cape Le Grand National Park is one of these idyllic beaches where you can hang out with wild kangaroos.

How to get to Esperance

We drove our car from Perth and visited all the amazing places on the way. The scenic road takes around 8 hours and its 720km. You can take a domestic flight from Perth as well which takes only 1,5 hours.

Esperance, Western Australia

What to do & see in Esperance

Esperance can offer something for everybody. Beach lovers will fall in love with Australia’s most white and beautiful beaches. I (Maky) was in my element of taking pictures of wildlife and Matty was loving surfing and fishing conditions.

Esperance, Western Australia

There are some of our tips what to do and what to see in Esperance:)

Lucky Bay, Esperance

Lucky Bay is the place which makes Esperance the most famous.

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia
About 60 kilometres east of Esperance a white sandy Bay lying in the middle of Cape Le Grand National Park with friendly yet wild kangaroos on the beach.

The one-day entrance fee is 13 AUD per car. Expect to be sharing this beach not just with kangaroos but with quite a few people as well.

Esperance, Western Australia

Read more about Lucky Bay

Frenchman Peak

Cape Le Grand National Park offers more than just Lucky Bay. Get a short hike of Mount Le Grand (345 m) or Frenchman Peak (262 m) and take a look on the whole park from a higher perspective.

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Wylie Bay

One of our favourite spots in Esperance. Wylie Bay is a beach which requires a 4WD as the sand here can be really soft and boggy.
There is no entrance fee as it´s still outside of the National Park.

Esperance, Wylie Bay, Western Australia

Our tip: go here during low tide and when the ocean is calm. Only in these conditions, you can truly admire the sand bar in the middle!

Esperance Stonehenge

Esperance Stonehenge is the world´s only full-size replica! It´s made of 2500 tonnes of local pink granite. And even tho we think it’s pretty cool, 10 AUD per person entrance fee wasn´t worth it for us.

Twilight Beach

Twilight beach offers incredible white sand, crystal clear water, granite rock formation, safe swimming conditions as well as great fishing spots! There are toilets and camping tables and overall it´s a beautiful place to relax therefor it´s probably the most popular beach in the town.

Esperance, Western Australia

Pink Lake Esperance

Don´t let the internet confuse you about this!:D There is a Pink Lake in town Esperance, but it´s not the one which you can see all over the internet. The pink lake in the town is losing its pink hue although it’s still interesting to stop by and have a look and read while you are in Esperance.
The famous Esperance Pink Lake is actually 130 km out of Esperance, on Middle Island.

Blue Haven Beach

Another beautiful beach with wooden stairway offering a great spot to soak the sun rays and cool down in turquoise waters.

Esperance, Western Australia

Sand dunes Esperance

If you have a 4WD car, you can´t miss Esperance Sand Dunes! From Wylie Bay, a few minutes drive towards Lucky Bay will take you to sheer sand dunes filled with the finest and whitest sand overlooking the ocean.

Esperance, Western Australia, sand dunes

Whistling Rock and Thistle Cove

Whistling Rock has a pretty self-explaining name.

Esperance, Western Australia

The wind with the rock formation causes really cool sounds effect. As well both of these places are popular for salmon rock fishing or sunbathing on an empty beach.

Esperance, Western Australia

When is the best time to go to Esperance

The best time to visit Lucky Bay in Esperance, Western Australia is anytime between late spring till early autumn. The winter can be really cold down south so try to avoid that season.

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Summer temperatures are beautiful, the sun is out and you can enjoy swimming in these pristine turquoise waters and sunbathing on the beach.

Pink Lake Hillier

The famous Esperance Pink Lake which actually is 130 km out of Esperance on Middle Island:)

pink lake hillier EsperanceImage from

To visit Pink Lake Hillier you can join from Esperance a boat trip or scenic flight. The Bright pink lake in combination with dark blue ocean and strip of a sand bar and lush green is still on our list to see! Another reason for us to go back to Esperance one day:)

Camping in Esperance

Free Camping in Esperance and Cape Le Grand National Park is prohibited. There are a lot of caravan parks in the town, where you can roll your swag or park your caravan for the cheapest 38 AUD per night. That´s for the unpowered site as well.

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Camping in National Park where is Lucky Bay and French man Peak is 11 AUD per person per night and we talk about it more in the Lucky Bay article.

We spent only one night in the caravan park, just to have a hot shower and clean our car a little bit. The rest of our 10 days stay in Esperance we were camping out of the town in the sand dunes or on the beach. Always look in the google maps for some small 4WD tracks to find a camping spot. We are talking more about it on our Instagram.

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Fishing in Esperance

Esperance is famous for its beautiful beaches, rich wildlife and awesome fishing conditions! As well Esperance is one of the not many places where you can find all three types of Abalone. We were getting Abalone, monster squid, herring and skippy on daily bases.

Esperance, Western Australia, fishing

Where to stay in Esperance?

Check accommodation here!

Esperance, Western Australia

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