13 Ultimate Places to See on Nusa Penida Island

Diamond beach Nusa Penida Bali

Every time we travel to a new destination, in prior we research all the best spots to see and things to do! Those spots we save into our google maps so when we arrive, we are ready to explore!

We know researching Nusa Penida´s best places to see and things to do can be overwhelming, so we did it for you!

What to see in Nusa Penida

Here are the MUST SEE places in Nusa Penida as well as some secret spots where you won’t meet anybody else.

Payung Beach

Puyung secret beach Nusa Penida Bali

Payung beach is like from the movie “The Beach”. Ultimate slice of paradise, you need to put some effort in to find this place. But you will be rewarded by a stunning empty beach, with the softest white sand and turquoise crystal clear water. All this is surrounded by Palm trees and we can promise you won’t wanna leave ever again!:)

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Crystal Bay Nusa Penida

Probably the most famous bay in Nusa Penida. Beautiful white sandy beach with warongs around (small street shops/restaurants) creates a perfect spot for sunbathing, relaxing or snorkelling. This is a very popular beach which means a lot of people, that was the reason for us to try to find different beaches to enjoy by ourselves.

Because of the position, this beach is stunning for sunsets, so make sure you will reserve one afternoon for this beach to watch some amazing colours going on in the sky!
Our little tip would be get up really early and come here to watch the sunrise. If you are lucky, the sky will look as spectaculars as it does on sunset, yet there will be nobody else.

The entrance fee is only a parking fee which is 5k IDR (0,5 AUD).

What we couldn’t miss tho is the road leading to Crystal Bay! A narrow straight road lined by tons of palm trees. You have to stop and stare and probably take a picture or two:))


Crystal bay Palm tree road Nusa Penida
Broken Beach

When visiting Nusa Penida, you can’t miss this place! Mother Nature did a spectacular job right here. One of the most picturesque places on Nusa Penida Island. Sheer cliffs created a bridge through which the rough ocean rushes onto an untouched beach. Looks as crazy beautiful as it sounds.

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Broken beach Nusa Penida Bali
Angell’s Billabong

Just next to Broken Beach is another natural wonder! Angell’s Billabong is a distinctive rock formation just on the edge of a steep cliff and a powerful ocean. All together this creates the most unique natural pool we have ever seen and took a dip in.

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Angells Billabong Nusa Penida
Kelingking Beach

The most photographed spot from Nusa Penida. Some people see the cliff shape as a whale, some people call it a T-Rex. Either way, we could spend hours on the top of the cliff looking down and trying to wrap our heads around this beauty.
The only entrance fee is 10k IDR for parking and that’s it.

The beach is accessible by nature stairway in the cliff and is secured only by a sketchy bamboo handrail. Plus it takes around one hour to get down. At the bottom, you will find a beautiful secluded white sandy beach and refreshing turquoise blue water! But if the decent hike down and up is worth it? We will leave this up to you:))


Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida
Banah Cliff Point

Banah Cliff is a perfect quick stop to admire yet another amazing cliff formation on Nusa Penida Island. Same as crystal bay this cliff viewpoint is located on the west, try to plan it for sunrise or sunset, the sky will worth it.

There is no parking or entrance fee!


Banah Cliff Point Nusa Penida
Tembeling Beach and Forest Nature Pool

A little secret spot we got recommended by locals and didn’t regret for a second that we decided to visit!

When we were told about this natural pool in the middle of the jungle we didn’t expect to find a place which consists of two beaches and two natural pools just casually lying in the deepest jungle we have walked through!

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Tembeling Beach and Forest Nusa Penida

Gamat Bay

Gamat Bay is mostly accessible only by boat. Black sand beach heaven with one of the best snorkelling possibilities in all Nusa Penida.
Well, it wouldn’t be us if we would try to find our own land way how to get there! And so we did.
We drove our scooter on the very end of one of the worst road we have experienced on Nusa Penida Island. And then we continued by foot through the steep thick jungle following the sounds of the ocean. But eventually, you will get where the jungle of palm trees meets the softest black sandy beach and turquoise crystal clear waters. Worth every slippery step.

Costs are 0,- as there is no entrance or parking fee!

Just be very very careful if you decide to drive your bike at the very end of the road, please.


Gamat bay Nusa Penida

Suwehan Beach

Seeking adrenalin? Are you really confident in hiking, climbing and don’t mind heights? Well then you are the same as Matty and you will get to enjoy the absolutely stunning beach!

If you are none of the above, you can sit like Maky did on the top and watch the natural beauty from the top of the cliff:))


Suwehan beach Nusa Penida
Thousand Islands Viewpoint

Thousand Islands viewpoint is another spot which you shouldn’t miss on your Nusa Penida itinerary. Easy and short enough walk down the cliff will bring you to many lookouts where you can cherish this view from.  A combination of mini limestone islands all different shapes and sizes, the ocean is the perfect shade of blue and hidden beaches is priceless.

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Thousand islands view Nusa Penida
Rumah Pohon – Tree House in Nusa Penida

This place surprised us like nothing before!:D
All over the internet, it seems to be a very random but perfect spot to capture the Thousand Island view in the background with cool Treehouse. What a realization when we first time got there and saw there are actually people living in the Treehouse and other tourists are climbing on their stairs while those guests are trying to enjoy their time in Treehouse they paid for!:D

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Rumah pohon tree house Nusa Penida
Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach

Diamond Beach and Atuh Beach are just next to each other so it will make your exploring easier!
Diamond Beach is one of our favourite beaches so far! Even tho the walk down the rocky stairs sometimes gets pretty hardcore, we loved it there so much!

Diamond beach Nusa Penida Bali

Not sure if we were really lucky or if the stairs down to the beach are too dangerous, but we had this entire beach just for ourselves the whole time!
Entrance fee is 10k IDR per person (1AUD) and no parking fee.
For Diamond beach is the best mid-tide or upcoming high tide. For really enjoying Atuh beach you will need high tide so try to plan your trip there with this in your mind!:)

location Diamond beach
location Atuh beach

Diamond beach Nusa Penida Bali

Where to stay in Nusa Penida?

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Hope this article will make planning your Nusa Penida travels easier and inspired you to put this Indonesian Islands on your bucket list if you haven’t already!:)

Maky & Matt


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