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roadtrip Western Australia camping

Coming to Australia for us usually means WA road trip! During winter (April – October) we love to do road trips to the north from Perth to chase the warm weather and sun. Our favourite route to North West would be from Perth to Exmouth.

As we have done quite a lot of road trips in Western Australia, we figured out we will share with you some of our tips and hacks to pass our experiences on you and hopefully make your next road trip easier!

Western Australia road trip Tips and Hacks

We love WA road trips! Windows down, music up and heaps of snacks.
The freedom of driving your own car. To be able to stop anywhere you want and for how long you want! And endless options to catch your own fresh food. That´s definitely our favourite type of travelling for sure.

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

If you love road trips as well or if you are new to road tripping, keep reading to learn some of our tips and hacks!

What do we eat on WA Road trip

Western Australia is Australia´s largest state with a total land area of over 2,500,000 square kilometres. Our favourite part about being in Australia is the possibility to catch our own food. Our car is always packed with fishing and diving gear and we are trying to catch ourselves every lunch and dinner.

diving western australia

Not just fishing and diving is Matty´s passion, but there ain’t anything better than freshly caught seafood. And it definitely lowers our living costs.

Esperance, Western Australia, fishing

Did you see how we were providing dinner for us and whole island in Banyak Islands?
Head to our Instagram!

camping, western australia

For breakfast, we usually have eggs on the toast or oatmeal.

camping, western australia

And of course coffee and tea!:) Especially Matty doesn’t start his day before two coffees!

Camping Western Australia
During the day we are snacking on carrot and broccoli with hummus, some creakers and fruit.

Roadtrip Western Australia camping

On our road trip to Esperance, we were getting mostly herring, skippy, Abalony, squid and crayfish.
When we go up north to Exmouth, we are enjoying oysters, Blue Bone, Giant Trevally, Mulloway, Mud Crabs, squid and crayfish.


catching abalone, western australia

catching abalone, western australia


Squid Western Australia

Giant Trevally

Giant trevally fishing Sri Lanka


spearfishing Exmouth
Cray Fish

Cray Fish Western Australia

Cray Fish Western Australia


Mulloway fishing Western Australia

Mud Crab

Mud Crabs Western Australia

How do we sleep in Australia road trip

We have swag which we roll out every night on the ground.
For our last road trip, we borrowed a little tent and put the swag inside on the floor. The tent is waterproof and we have got so much space compared with just swag, we loved it! We leave the swag inside of the tent, zip it up and roll up the whole thing. Super easy and quick.

camping, western australia

When is really windy and cold outside, we would put the whole thing into the car and sleep in the car. We just take the blanket and pillows out and put all our stuff on the front seats. Probably our favourite way how to sleep:)

Camping Tips and Hacks for WA Road trip

We will wrap this article up by sharing with you some of our knowledge and tips about camping and road trips. Hope it will help you with your next road trip!

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Satellite maps

Switch your google maps into the Satellite mode to discover small track and 4WD. There are many tracks which are not visible on the normal maps. Switching to the Satellite mode is our go to find amazing hidden places and free camping spots.

roadtrip, western australia

Pump for your tyres

4WD tracks and driving on the beach is the best fun for us! We absolutely love discovering new places where is nobody but us and maybe wildlife, getting lost and not knowing where we will end up. These trips often need lowering pressure in our tyres to avoid getting bogged as well as preserving the sandy tracks.

camping, western australia

And because we need to change the pressure in our tyres sometimes even a few times in one day, having a small machine in the car to quickly pump our tyres is MUST.


We are trying to cook on the fire as much as possible. In the case of wet wood, we make sure we have in the car fire blocks to start the fire easily.
But not every time the wind conditions are good for having a fire, and not everywhere it’s allowed to have a fire. In one of these cases, we have a table on the back of our car and we use the Gas cooker. 4 bottles cost around 10 AUD and each bottle last for about 5 cooks.

roadtrip esperance lucky bay

Doing dishes

We don’t stay in caravan parks much, because we find the price for lying on the ground ridiculous. So, therefore, we don’t have access to the kitchen and wash detergent.
For cleaning our dishes we simply use sand and ocean water. It ´s not perfect but it ´s good enough and friendly for the environment:)

camping, western australia

camping, western australia

Bin and Trash – WA Road trip

We have a big outside bin for our car. It fits so much trash, we can pick up so many plastics of the beach and storage it in there until we will be in the town to empty it. And the biggest advantage is because it’s outside of the car, there is no smell inside.

cleaning beach, western australia


cleaning beach, western australia

Drinking water, WA Road trip

Buying plastic bottles with drinking water is such a waste of many, so so bad for the environment and not possible everywhere.

That´s why we have 20l water container in our car and two drinking bottles which we refill from the container. 20l will get us through at least 3 days if we use it smartly. Itś for drinking as well as for cooking and sometimes showering:)

camping, western australia

We put a small hose on the end to make filling it and refilling our bottles easier.
The big water container we refill in towns where they often have drinking taps.

Fuel on WA Road trip

Our car has two tanks and because its 4WD it drinks so much! As well with the size of Western Australia and distances between each spot, you will use a lot of fuel. We always make sure to fill our car to the top before we leave the last town and get lost in the bush and National Parks.

roadtrip western australia

To save some money of fuel, simply put into the Google “fuel price in Albany” or wherever you are. It will come up with all the different prices of each fuel station in that town and you can choose the cheapest one.

National Parks in WA

Free camping in National Parks is prohibited. The fine from the ranger is anywhere between 100 AUD to 1000 AUD per person. Often in national parks are campsites where you can camp for around 11 AUD per person.

roadtrip western australia

And that´s another advantage of 4WD car and satellite map. You can always find some little secluded beach, where you can freely camp. And nobody is banging on your window at 7 am with a ticket for 100 AUD, because nobody would go through the effort to drive these sandy bumpy little tracks:D

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Where to stay in Perth?

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roadtrip western australia

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