Arugam Bay – The Best place to stay in Sri Lanka

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay


Looking for the best place to stay in Sri Lanka? A compromise between typical local life yet enough shops to go and restaurants to eat? We found it for you! It’s Arugam Bay.


top 6 things to do in Arugam bay


Surfing in Arugam Bay is a must try!

It´s one of the best surfing spots in Sri Lanka and world known spot.
Beach is sandy and beautiful, plenty of space where to surf for beginners as well as for pros. Renting a surfboard should be around 500 rupees for half day (10 aud, 160 CZK).

Surfing in Arugam Bay is definitely one of our favourite places so far!

Not far away from Arugam Bay are two more very good surfing spots:

Whiskey Point is just around 10 minutes from Arugam Bay. The beach is beautiful and the waves are perfect for beginners, so if you wanna learn how to surf, head here!

Peanut Farm is such a unique place where all Sri Lanka surfers meet with local surfers. This amazing sandy beach you can reach in around 20 minutes’ scooter drive or tuk-tuk drive from Arugam Bay.



As you probably know, we are trying to live as much as possible off the land. Catching our own lunch and dinner in the ocean is our favourite lifestyle. And in Arugam Bay, it wasn´t as difficult! Especially with Giant trevally around.

So we spent a lot of mornings and evenings on the beach. No matter the weather – in the hot sun, in the rain and huge ways we were casting lours and trying to get those GTs. And so we did!:)Arugam bay sri lanka fishing

On the video here ↡ you can see how walk on the beach in Arugam Bay with freshly caught fish looks like.


And as those GTs were way too big just for us two, we often met with some Sri Lanka´s people and cooked and shared a delicious fish curry. One of those cooking in the local house you can see here ↡ Since this fish curry, every time we cook a fish curry we are watching our video again and again and trying to get as similar taste as possible.



Kumana National Park is a smaller Safari park in Sri Lanka and the possibility to see wild animals. From Arugam Bay, you can buy a whole day tour package which includes jeep from Arugam Bay to Kumana and back with a price around 10 000 rupees. Although there are not as many animals as in Yala or Udawalave National Park.

udawalawe best sri lanka safari park

udawalawe best sri lanka safar

Our advice according to personal experience would be rent a scooter or tuk-tuk and do your own trip from Arugam Bay to Kumana. A big part of this National Park is without entrance fee and you can just drive around and try to spot some animals on your own. And save those 10 000 rupees on Udawalave safari National park.

udawalawe best sri lanka safari park


This place is awesome! So even though Arugam Bay is a convenient spot to do trips from, don’t forget to enjoy this little town.

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay

Beach is sandy and long – ideal for soaking sun rays or long romantic walks. The town is full of street food, freshly caught seafood and delicious restaurants with western food. So wait for the sun go a little bit down and once the air gets cooler go for a stroll and enjoy all the smells, colours and tastes.

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay

Our tips for food:

Roti typical Sri Lanka dish from any street shop
Yummy fancy curry from Tandoori Hut
Any kind of breakfast from Hideaway


Yes, they will rent you a tuk-tuk without a driver! It took us some time but we found a person who rents us a tuk-tuk for the whole day. (We ended up renting it for a whole week! and did trip to Ella – but that´s a different story).

udawalawe best sri lanka safari park

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay

You can strap your surfboard on the roof, put the music on and start exploring surroundings as we did!↡


Doesn’t matter if you are driving your own scooter, tuk-tuk or you will get a driver. Peanut Farm is a place worth to visit and even spend the whole day there.
The journey will take around 20 minutes and then you are there. Sandy beach, bar with fruit juices and smoothies, the wooden shady shack where you can chill and get away of the strong sun and even swing and outside sitting. Yet everything is really simple and local way build. A perfect little spot to chill and give a try to surf.

top 6 things to do in Arugam bay


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