Pink Lake, Western Australia – Everything you need to know

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

Have you been wondering where the shining pink lake is? The strawberry milkshake looking lagoon? And how on earth it can get so pink? Or our biggest question when we found this lake – Can I swim in the Pink Lake?
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The ultimate guide for Pink Lake, Hutt Lagoon, Port Gregory, Western Australia

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

Where is Pink Lake (Hutt Lagoon) in Western Australia

Pink Lake is located approximately 500 km north from Perth and 50 km south from Kalbarri.

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How to get to Pink Lake, Port Gregory

Pink Lake is entrance free and you literally can’t miss it if you will follow the pin with the location we put above. Even tho there is no sign, it’s really easy to spot it. This 70 square kilometres large lake is divided from the Indian Ocean just by sandy beach barrier and sand dunes barrier. Therefore if you will have a chance to do a scenic flight from Kalbarri or use a drone to have a look at this unique natural beauty from the birds eye view, it will so worth it!

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

Why is Pink Lake Kalbarri pink?

The unbelievable colour of salty water, changing from strawberry milkshake´s pink to dark purple is caused by the presence of the algae Dunaliella salina. The algae is a rich source of beta-carotene and vitamin A – being used as a food colouring and in cosmetics and make-up.

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

Can I swim in Pink Lake – Hut Lagoon, Port Gregory

That was one of our first concerns haha! First was how come this lake is soo pink? And second – Can I touch or even enter this water?
We did research and couldn’t really find out straight answer yes or no… But what it looks like to us, it’s an extremely salty lake with some bacterial used for food colouring and cosmetics. So we figured out it can’t be that bad for us!

If you will try to enter the lake as well, just keep in your mind, that the bottom of the lake is covered by a thin but very very sharp layer of salt and underneath is super sticky mud.

Just keep in your mind that this is only our personal experience, we didn’t get hurt or anything but we still wouldn’t put our heads under the water.

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

When is the best time to visit Pink Lake

In relation to tourists, the answers would be all year around. We have been in Pink Lake so many times and most of the time it was just us! And if somebody stops to visit this place, it’s usually just for a photo or two and then continues their way.

The best weather To visit would be October to April when the air is getting warmer and the sun stronger, but December-February there will be a lot of flies! So maybe you wanna avoid those months for the sake of your comfort.

And the most beautiful pink colour you can expect when there are no clouds and sun rays are shining on the lake from the side. So before or afternoon on a sunny day. The low tide in the ocean will help to increase the pink colour as well. Because the pink lake will become more shallow and the colour will be stronger and glowing.

Our tip for lookout point – 4WD trip

As we mentioned, Pink Lake is divided from the ocean by sand dunes and sandy beaches! To see both blue and pink almost next to each other, drive your car through the small town of Port Gregory on to the beach. Once you hit the beach, head north or turn right. There is a wooden jetty there, you won’t miss it. Head north along the beach for around 1,5 km before you will turn into the sand dunes. Continue driving through the sand dunes always taking the higher tracks. After around 15 minutes this will bring you to the top of the highest dune. From here you should be able to see both the blue ocean and the Pink Lake.

Pink Lake, Western Australia, Kalbarri

Hope you enjoyed it
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