Canggu TOP 10 best street food (warung)

where to eat in canggu

The MUST TRY Indonesian street food

One of the things I love the most about Indonesia and especially Bali is its street food 

The best way how to explore each country is through their cousin, it’s so yummy and cheap too! And as I lived for 4 years in Canggu, Bali, this article will give you the exact places where to go and try – according to us – the BEST INDONESIAN STREET FOOD under 2 dollars (20k IDR)

Canggu is, in general, such an awesome place to be, surf, chill, do yoga, meet new people, party, do any type of exercise and mainly EAT!:) But I am not gonna write now about all those Instagram famous cafes and restaurants, I wanna share with you the typical local warungs where you rarely meet any tourist, so here my secrets spots go!

Where to eat local food in Canggu? »

Our top 10 Canggu local warungs with typical Bali food yet clean, cheap, delicious and safe!:)


Number 1: Ayam Betutu on Raya Canggu

Ayam (chicken in English) is a whole chicken steamed and grilled with a lot of spices and herbs in coconut leaves. Its traditional Balinese recipe and the chicken is very soft and juicy thanks to the very long process of preparation and cooking.



small portion 8k IDR (80 cents)
medium 10k IDR (1 AUD)
large 12k IDR (1, 2 AUD)

Number 2: Nasi Campur on Raya Canggu

Nasi Campur (mixed rice) is the most typical street food you can see throughout whole of Indonesia. Plates full of different kind and different way of preparation of meat, vegetable and another goddess. You get a plat with rice and then you can choose whatever from those containers you like. The price depends on what you choose and how much of it.


Number 3: DKM Dapoer on Berawa Street

Another hidden gem in Canggu! A freshly cooked meal from a menu, my favourite is Bihun (rice noodles) with chicken and a fried egg on the top!


Price: 12k IDR (1.2 AUD)

Number 4: Nasi Lawar on Berawa Street

Lawar is another authentic traditional Balinese food made of a mixture of vegetables, grated coconut, lemon grass, mixed with spices, herbs and a loooot of chilli:)) This warung servers Rice, Lawar and pork meat.


Price: 15 k IDR (1.5 AUD)


Number 5: Sate Ayam on Batu Bolong Street

This movable warung is located every night in front of Circle K or across the street and they make chicken/lamb meat on the stick with rice and peanut sauce and I can´t get enough of it!
Opens around 6 pm.


Price: 15 k IDR (1.5 AUD)

Number 6: Babi Guling on Raya Canggu

Another must-try in Bali is Babi Guling (suckling pig)! Whole pig roasted on fire and served with lawar and rice.


Price: 20k IDR (2 AUD)

Number 7: Ayam Lalapan on Berawa Street

This dish is fried chicken or fish with rice, raw vegetable and freshly made sauce on the stone from grilled tomatoes, spices and amount of chilli according to how spicy you like your meal!:)


Price: 16 k IDR (1.6 AUD)

Number 8: Nasi Goreng/ Mie Goreng on Raya Canggu

The probably most famous and known Indonesian meal which is fried rice or fried noodles with vegetable and chicken if you like with fried egg on the top. I love this warung because it’s freshly made in front of you and its sooo tasty!
Opens around 5 pm.


Price: 13k IDR (1.3 AUD)

Number 9: Bakso Rudi on Berawa Street

Soup lover? This meal is exactly for you! Typical Indonesian soup with meat dumplings, rice noodles and veggie.


Price: 15k IDR (1.5 AUD)

Number 10: Nasi campur Yudi on Batu Bolong Street

One of many warungs where you will get anything from the display you like on your plate. My favourite is grilled chicken, rice noodles and a variety of veggie. Oh and definitely try the small pieces of fried potatoes with chilli!
Opens 24hours!


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Hope you enjoyed it and let me know if you have ever tried some of those

and which one is your favourite!



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