Fig Tree Cave – Australia

fig tree cave, western australia, exmouth


Are you traveling to Western Australia and would like to experience something different than beautiful beaches and crystal clear water?
We have a tip for one unique adrenalin adventure for you! This Cave will definitely surprise you and raise your level of adrenalin in your veins!

What to do and see in Exmouthfig tree cave exmouth

We will have a whole separate article about this tiny town yet full of wonders called Exmouth. One of our highlights was exploring Fig Tree Cave!

fig tree cave, western australia, exmouth

How to get to Fig Tree Cave

This Nature miracle you can find approximately one hour from the town centre of Exmouth. First 30 minutes on the road and the other 30 minutes is 4 wheel drive road through a beautiful rocky gorge.

fig tree cave, exmouth, western australia

The MUST SEE when in Exmouth, Western Australia

In Google maps the spot is well marked, so you shouldn’t miss it even tho there is no sign what so ever. After one hour drive from Exmouth centre, on your right side will appear a hole in the ground with top of the tree in it. Between the tree and the cave entrance is a steel ladder.


fig tree cave, western australia, exmouth

The ladder is around 8 metres long, slippery and swinging from one side to the other. It looks as sketchy as it feels when you climb down.

fig tree cave, western australia, exmouth

So please hold tide, and climb slowly and steady. But once you are down there, it is so worth it! We have never seen such a unique cave!

And if you go there around noon, sun rays are coming through directly from the cave entrance and creating this gorgeous lighting inside.

fig tree cave, western australia, exmouth

And don’t worry, the way up on the ladder is so much easier, promise!

Maky & Matt

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