How do we afford to travel full time

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

➴How did you start blogging?

➴How do you afford to travel full time?

These are probably the most frequent questions we get asked so we would love to answer them for you. Let’s start.

So how it all started?

We met in April 2017 in Bali. And it was love on first sight as cheesy as it sounds!

Esperance, Western Australia, sand dunes

Maky already had a blog which was more just for family and a few Czech followers so we decided to recreate it into our travel blog called Maky and Matt.

How to afford travel full time?

We both were working hard for years before we decided to start travelling. Neither of us knew what exactly we are saving money for and what we wanna do with our lives but we were working hard anyway and saving money even harder.

Then the universe brought both of us into Bali, the same place at the same time and there it all started.

After the first few trips and travels, our blog started growing a little bit more.

We travel a lot but smart! We don’t spend more than necessary but still enjoying everything that we can so we don’t regret one day we didn’t do something just because we were stingy!

roadtrip esperance lucky bay

Some of the steps we do to afford travel full time

➴We eat local food and street food, which is the best possible way how to get to know each and every country and save money too.

➴We stay most of the times at budget accommodation and homestays. Brings you closer to locals and again – you save a lot of money.

➴We don’t need much we don’t own much, which is another way how to save money – just don’t buy unnecessary things:D

And when we ran out of money?

We went to Australia and worked our bums off again, saved as much as we could and start this all again! Not because it’s easy or because it’s all rainbow and unicorns. But because that’s what we want to do by all our hearts. That’s where we found each other and that’s where we see our future.

Pulau Weh Indonesia Sumatra

Earning money whilst travelling full time:

When you are a travel blogger there are more possible ways how you can earn money whilst you are on the road, exploring the world and creating content.

For example:

➴You can earn money directly from your online shop by selling something ➳ We have a hand made soul jewellery made by Maky.
You can see here

➴You can create content (photos and videos) for brands, hotels, restaurants…
Example of our work here

➴You can promote somebody´s products on your social media.

➴You can do affiliation which is a collaboration with some company selling products and services online and get a commission from sales through your link.
For example, you can use this link if you want to use

➴You can add promotion on your website

It all depends on the size of your blog and social media account. It all takes time and even more hard work. And you never know if it will start working this way for you.

So what we can recommend to everyone is:

Save money, save as much as you can, travel smart yet enjoy every your movement, every place you get to and enjoy the journey, the sharing with others, the love you will give and get back and we wish you luck with pursuing your dreams!


rental scooter bali nusa penida rainy seasonVolcano Sibayak, Sumatra, indonesia



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