Karijini National Park Australia – Everything you need to know before visiting

Karijini National park Australia

What is Karijini National Park Australia

Karijini is one of the most spectacular national parks in Western Australia, Pilbara region. Its 100 meter deep chasms were eroded over two billion years. This National Park was on our bucket list for a long time and we couldn’t wait to see this ancient gorge full of waterfalls, massive gorges and natural rock pools perfect for a refreshing dip after hiking and exploring this Australian gem.

It’s the second largest park in Western Australia, for you to try to imagine the size of this park – its 6,274 km².

Karijini national park western australia

Where is Karijini National Park Australia

Karijini is in Western Australia, Pilbara region. The nearest major towns are Karratha – 527km and Port Hedland – 370 km.

The nearest small town, where is your last chance to get fuel and supplies is Tom Price. It’s a very small mining town lying just around 74 km from Karijini.

1422km from Perth (16, 5 hours’ drive)
640km from Exmouth (8 hours’ drive)
Karijini national park western australia

How much does Karijini National Park Australia cost

Entrance fee into Karijini is 13AUD day pass per car, 7AUD for senior and 7AUD for motorbikes.

Camping in Karijini

Because of the size of Karijini NP and the number of places to see and attractions to do, you will need more than one day to spend here.

For the most authentic experience and the cheapest option when it comes to staying at Karijini National Park camping is the go.
That will cost you entrance fee and 10 AUD per person per night.
There are toilets but no water, or showers provided.
Karijini National Park Australia

When to go to Karijini National Park Australia

To avoid unbearable heat and thousands of flies, the best time to visit Karijini National Park would be during the winter. Months from April to October have as well a lower chance of rain so all the tracks and pools should be accessible.

Even though during winter nights can be quite cold and rock pools very (very!) refreshing, you will appreciate to not to hike in over 40 degrees hot air, believe us, we did it and its nothing we would wanna experience again!:D
Karijini national park western australia

What to see and Where to go in Karijini

If you are seeking adventure, Karijini NP is perfect for challenging hiking, exploring rocky tunnels of unbelievable colours, climbing over boulders, squeezing through narrow walls and wading through waterways.

If you don’t feel like hour’s long hikes and climbs, there are tons of stunning lookouts and short and easy trails so everyone gets to see 100 metre deep canyons, waterfalls and even get to have a swim in a crystal clear emerald colour rock pools.

Karijini national park western australia

Best places to visit in Karijini

♡ Heart shaped pool in Hamersley Gorge
♡ Kermits Pool in the Hancock Gorge
♡ Fortescue Falls in Dale Gorge
♡ Circular pool in Dale Gorge

Karijini national park western australia

How long do I need for visiting Karijini National Park

Considering how far away (no matter where from) you will drive to get here, and considering the size of this area, we would recommend 3-4 nights. But we still do think that if you are in a rush, you can see the best of Karijini in one day.

Karijini national park western australia

Where to stay in Karijini

You can stay in small mining town Tom Price just an hour away from Karijini, or if you prefer to wake up in Karijini you can choose between one of many campsites in Karijini NP or in Karijini Eco Resort.

Check prices of accommodation in Karijini here
Check prices of accommodation in Australia here
Karijini National park western australia


Gorges and trails in Karijini

Karijini is created from 8 gorges. Our favourite and probably the easiest to get to is Hamersley Gorge located in the north-western part of the park. Range Gorge is in the north, Munjina Gorge is in the east, and Hancock, Joffre, Knox, Red and Weano Gorges lie in the centre of Karijini NP.

Karijini National park western australia


Some of the adventurous hikes and trails you can choose from:

➳ Dales Gorge on the east side – 3 hours return walk between Fortescue Falls and Circular Pool
➳ Circular Pool in Dales Gorge – 2 hours return walk
➳ Gorge Rim Walk and Circular Pool Lookout – 2 hours return walk
➳ Fortescue Falls and Fern Pool – 1-hour return walk

Karijini National park western australia ➳ Hancock Gorge to Kermit’s pool – 3 hours return walk
➳ Joffre Gorge – 3 hours return walk
➳ Kalamina Gorge to Rock Arch Pool – 3 hours return walk Karijini National park western australia➳ Marandoo View – 30 minutes return
➳ Honey Hakea Track – 3 hours return
➳ Mt Bruce Summit – 5 hours returnKarijini National park western australia

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