Our camera gear & How we take our couples photo

best travel photography couple camera

We would love to introduce you to our camera gear we travel with and at the same time answer all those questions we get about how we take our photos? What camera do we use? And how do we edit our photos?

Our best camera we use for travel couple photos

travel couple blogger camera gear


This is the weapon guys. The main camera we absolutely love!
Its perfect size, easy to travel with and it takes photos of wonderful quality.
We always make sure we have a spare battery and memory card and we are ready to go!
If you want to start taking better photos this camera is the best compromise between
professional cameras yet easy to use and carry with you everywhere.

canon 80 d

Check prices here

We have 4 lenses for our Canon ☟

Our main Lens 16-35mm

Pulau Weh Indonesia Sumatra

Canon lens 16-35mm is a wide angle lens and we use it for almost every photo! Our favourite lens.

Canon 16-35mm lens

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General lens 18-55mm

wanderlostcoupe car mirror selfie

Most of our shots are taken with this lens, you can zoom a little bit, it´s wider and easy to use!


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Portrait lens 50mm

With a portrait lens, you can do those beautiful photos when the background is blurry and the object close to the camera is perfectly sharp.

50mm canon lens

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Zoom lens 55-250mm

This is the perfect lens for photos of Matty surfing or wild animals if they are a little bit too far away. 55-250 mm will bring them closer!:)

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Drone DJI Mavic pro

our love story

We can never appreciate enough this little helicopter. Yes, of course, it takes beautiful pictures and videos – but! There have been so many occasions already when our drone showed us things we would have never be able to see and wouldn’t even know it exists!

drone dji mavic pro drone dji mavic pro

All those breathtaking videos of whales jumping out of the water almost a kilometre from the beach! Or hundreds of turtles swimming in the ocean in the one place.

whales exmouth drone

 We know it’s a kinda big investment but we can promise you won’t regret it! We are so so grateful for having our drone! We can´t recommend it to you enough and we are happy for every dollar we spent on this flying miracle.

check the prices here


GoPro Hero 5

As somebody who spends most of the time in the ocean, GoPro is a MUST for us. To be able to show you all the underwater beauty and shots where we don’t wanna risk taking our Canon, GoPro is the go!


check prices here

GoPro Dome

Have you ever been wondering – How is this photo taken? We bet most of the time the answer would be with a DOME.

Dome is an awesome way how to take those half underwater half above water shots! Gorgeous photo and so much fun!

check the price here


Olympus Pen 7

Our previous camera. The great start to the photography world. It’s light, it’s easy to use, convenient to travel with and the photos are almost a professional quality standard!

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iPhone 7+ and iPhone 7

iphone 7+ photography

And of course, we need to mention our iPhones. The way how we can keep in touch with our families, how we can connect with you guys and how we can share everything we see and do to the online world. Especially we love our iPhone 7+ with a big screen and amazing lenses.

iPhone 7                                                           iPhone 7+

                                                                            check prices here                                                 check prices here

Lightroom CC

Right here comes the game changer! Adobe LightRoom CC is the program for your phone or your desktop where we edit ALL of our photos. If you want to step up your photography game, look into the LightRoom. We are planning to create our presets for you to download and make your editing even easier so stay tuned and install your LightRoom ASAP.

Get your LightRoom here


Camera Accessories


fig tree cave exmouth

Our secret of couple photos! We don’t have a third person travelling with us or taking pictures for us. We have a tripod we always rely on and we are taking our pictures by ourselves.

tripod couple photos

So if you don’t wanna keep asking strangers to take a photo of you and then often ended up with pictures of you without your legs or unfocused photo, grab one of those.

We put out tripod through ocean, sand, mud and it never complains.

Just choose your composition, set your camera on self-timer and autofocus.  We usually do one photo every 1-2 seconds.

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MacBook Air

To be able trave full time and to write articles, edit photos and videos on the way as we go, this computer is our best option. It’s fast, it’s light and works well with LightRoom and IMovie.

check prices here


Hard drive

If you take photography seriously you need to have a hard drive. A big hard drive to store and back up all your photos and content to make sure you won’t lose it before you will use it.

check the prices here

Power bank

Travellers MUST HAVE is power bank. To charge your phone when you are looking for the direction where to go or maybe good restaurants where to eat. Particularly this one will charge even your GoPro!

check the prices here


Spare battery

We have three of those for our Canon so we don’t need to stress out when we don’t get a chance to charge our camera every day.

Check prices here

Memory card

Make sure you will pack a few of these with you as well! Nowadays cameras are taking high-quality photos which means those photos are taking a lot of space on your memory card and you won’t be able to fit as many as you are may be used to fit. That´s why we have a few of these and if our camera unexpectedly says to us it’s full, we always have spared one to keep continue taking pictures!

check the prices here

Camera bag

And of course our travel camera bag. To keep our camera gear safe and all the equipment together. Our camera bag is waterproof as well so we are all good even if sudden rain starts of we are near a waterfall!

camera bag travel

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