Grand Mutiara – The best hotel in Berastagi

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

Grand Mutiara Hotel, Berastagi, Sumatra

If you are in a little chilly town called Berastagi in North Sumatra, you want to stay in Grand Mutiara hotel!

From our own experience, we can say, that there is nothing better than to treat yourself for a few nights in a beautiful hotel with an excellent service whilst travelling for a few weeks. And that´s exactly what you will get in Grand Mutiara.

Especially after a week spent in jungle Bukit Lawang with wild Orangutans. we were so happy to rest in a spacy clean room and get some proper sleep in a comfortable huge bed!:)

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

Grand Mutiara has a perfect location for exploring Berastagi and adorable staff always ready to answer all your questions.

If you will follow our Sumatra guide, this is the great place to rest your bodies after full-on hiking in the Sumatran rain forest and gaining energy for travelling to the Banyak Islands.

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

Grand Mutiara is a 5* hotel where you can feel the Eastern charm as well as modern touches.

As soon as we arrived, we knew we will love our stay! All the staff has an honest heartwarming smile and they would do anything to create this smile on your face too!

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

The first whole day we spent in the hot bath and comfy bed in our room, which is something we were craving so much and it’s rare to find in Sumatra!:)

Berastagi North Sumatra IndonesiaBerastagi North Sumatra Indonesiadinner at Grand Mutiara Hotel, Berastagi

The next day we started with hotel breakfast and filled our bellies with heart-shaped waffles.

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

Something what we really appreciated was the lobby area with fast Wi-Fi overlooking the garden and swimming pool. We were working here on our computers, planning next adventures and booking flights. Although you probably won’t feel like leaving this place anytime soon!

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

We believe that you will love and appreciate staying in Grand Mutiara whilst travelling Sumatra as much as we did!

How to get to Grand Mutiara Hotel


Grand Mutiara Hotel is in a mountain town called Berastagi with panoramic views all around in North Sumatra, Indonesia. And unlike other parts of Sumatra, the air here is fresh, chilly and refreshing!

From International airport, Medan it’s 70 km and it takes around 2 hours to get to Grand Mutiara.

Berastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

Places where to book Grand Mutiara Hotel

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Berastagi North Sumatra IndonesiaBerastagi North Sumatra IndonesiaBerastagi North Sumatra Indonesia

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