Mens bracelet with Malachite


Men’s bracelet.

Lava stone bracelets are protective amulets. They have the pure energy that comes directly from Mother Earth. Real Malachite with nickel-free metal bead – also suitable for allergy sufferers.
Threaded on elastic string, no need to fasten.


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Men’s Bali lava stone bracelet with real Malachite and metal bead.

Lava stone is the molten rock ejected from the volcano crater during the eruption. It is a strong protective amulet, it can give your body positive energy and the negative energy is removed from you.

Green Malachite is a precious stone that promotes the coordination of both brain hemispheres and thus gives balance and harmony to feelings and rationality.

All bracelets are handmade in Bali by me, with love 🙂

The bracelets do not require any specific maintenance or treatment, however, in order to preserve the longest life of the metal components, I recommend the bracelet to avoid the contact with water.

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