Mens Lapis Lazuli with skull


Lava stones and blue Lapis Lazuli on elastic string, no need to fasten.

Complementing metal bead.

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Men’s bracelet made of lava stones and black shiny beads combined with Lapis Lazuli. Completed with a nickel-free metallic bead.

Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone that effectively blocks negative energy. Already in ancient Egypt Lapis Lazuli was considered as a sacred stone. The Egyptians believed that it has the endless energy of night sky and stars. Very quickly relieves stress and brings deep peace and calmness. Removes communication difficulties and teaches hearing to others. It brings harmony and increases self-confidence. Helps with honesty, empathy and gives morale to the person who wears it. Can bring relief in emotional trauma and accelerate their healing. It relieves people of unnecessary burdens from the past and gives them the chance to move forward in their lifes.

Lava stone is the molten rock ejected from the volcano crater during the eruption. It is a strong protective amulet, it can give your body positive energy and the negative energy is removed from you.

All bracelets are handmade in Bali by me, with love 🙂

The bracelets do not require any specific maintenance or treatment, however, in order to preserve the longest life of the metal components, I recommend the necklace to avoid the contact with water.

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