Turquise Amethyst Necklace


Rudraksha, Amethyst, fuchsia Ruby, pink Agate and turquoise Crystal Necklace with cleansing power on your body and mind. Finished by purple tassel called Buddha pendant with Mandala pendant – symbol of life.

Placed on silk thread, no need to fasten.
TIP: Shorten your tassel the way you like!

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Rudraksha seeds combined with Amethyst, pink Agate, Fuchsia Ruby, blue and turquoise Crystals, nickel-free metal components, mandala pendant and Buddha pendant – purple tassel.

Ruby embraces love, self-confidence, motivation and vitality. It stimulates the mind and awakens passion and intense experience. It increases the ability to concentrate, brings a desire for life. Beating fear, sadness and negative thinking. Removes nightmares and creates a calm sleep. Ruby is a crystal that helps to get rid of all addictions and can convert negative energy into positive.

Amethyst has a strong healing and cleansing power. It alleviates concerns, improves your concentration, memory and motivation. Amethyst can stimulate and calm the mind as needed.

Agate gives you physical and intellectual balance. On the spiritual level, it helps its owner to accept them self, therefor supporting their self-confidence.  Strengthens the ability to concentrate. The Agate stone loves the truth which gives courage to the person who wears it to be honest with them self. On the emotional level, Agate helps overcome the negative feelings and bitterness we sometimes carry in our hearts. It heals inner anger, strengthens love, and adds courage for search of new love. It brings a feeling of safety and assurance.

Crystal has cleansing effects on your body and soul and gives you new energy.

Rudraksha necklaces give the body harmony and energy. They help improve the quality of sleep, positively change karma and they are ideal for travelers with frequent changes in time zones.

All necklaces are handmade in Bali by me, with love 🙂

The nacklaces do not require any specific maintenance or treatment, however, in order to preserve the longest life of the metal components, I recommend the necklace to avoid the contact with water.

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