Waterfall Sipiso Piso, North Sumatra

Berastagi, Sumatra Indonesia, what to do and what to see

Sipiso Piso waterfall is 120m high natural gem 40 minutes from Berastagi.

The name Sipiso Piso means “like a knife”. The waterfall is formed by an underground river rushing out and down the face of a cave to the North side of Lake Toba.

Waterfall Sipiso Piso, Indonesia

Sumatra Indonesia Waterfall Sipiso Piso

Water falling from 120 metres into the green lush jungle is something spectacular to see!
Getting down to the waterfall leads a lot of stairs, it’s around a 20-minute long leg exercise but is worth the sweat. If you get hot and sticky, don’t you worry because Sipiso Piso waterfall creates by its power an enormous amount of mist.

As soon as you will get a little bit closer, you will get a proper shower:D
Once you are here you will get to see one of the best views of Lake Toba.

How to get to Sipiso Piso Waterfall

Sumatra Indonesia Waterfall Sipiso Piso

From Berastagi it takes about 40 minutes by scooter or you can hire a car with driver.

We rented our bike and off we went!

You can find its location in the google maps just don’t get confused when your maps will say “you have arrived” and you are on the small bridge in the middle of nowhere:D

The point in google maps is put on the actual underground river. You just need to keep driving and then take the first to the right. You will arrive in the parking spot and you will be asked to pay 2k IDR parking fee. If you will continue little further down the road, you will get at the viewpoint on Lake Toba.

Berastagi, Sumatra Indonesia, what to do and what to see

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Price of Sipiso Piso Waterfall Sumatra

There is no entrance fee to see Sipiso Piso waterfall! The only cost is the parking fee 2k IDR (0,2 AUD).

Berastagi, Sumatra Indonesia, what to do and what to see

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