Our love story & About us

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Hello and welcome on our journey!

We are really happy to have you onboard on our way around the World. We are travellers, rather than collecting material things we prefer to collect memories and having fun along the way.

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We met in April 2017 in Bali. And it was love at first sight as cheesy as it sounds!

Since the day we met, we spent every day together, moved in together after 5 days and went for our first holiday together in 8 days. We flew to Flores Island and spent one week there. Flores Island in Indonesia is the place we realise we are meant for each other, we love travelling, telling stories and taking photos.

Maky already had a blog which was more just for family and a few Czech followers so we decided to recreate it into our travel blog called        Maky and Matt.

Why did we decide to travel full time?

Travelling is where we see the life purpose. Meeting new people, getting to know new culture and trying new food, seeing new places is what makes us feel alive.

So far neither of us wants to live in the country we were born in (the Czech Republic and Australia). Those countries are places where our roots are but we imagine our home differently. We both dream about a home like an Island, drinking coconuts and catching fish, cooking our catch on the beach on the fire under palm trees. Therefore one of our biggest missions is to find a place we will call home one day!

But for now, we will keep travelling, exploring and taking you with us everywhere we go through our cameras!

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About Maky

Hi!:) I am Maky and I am from the Czech Republic.
I was always the lover of school and studying,
I graduated from the University of Business and
Air Transport Aviation as an engineer.
Immediately after graduating, I flew to Bali
and started full time travelling.
I spent 4 years in Bali, learnt fluent Indonesian
and ran into Matty.
And right there my life has begun in its fullest.

About Matty

Hey, I am Matt and unlike Maky I didn’t enjoy school.

Being in, on or around the ocean is and always has been the place of happiness for me.

On my journey around this beautiful planet, I am trying to catch our food instead of buying it, I absolutely adore and respect the ocean, nature and animals. One of my biggest beliefs is looking after the ocean.

I was working in the mining industry in Australia. After saving a small amount of money I started my travels. I flew to Sri Lanka and then to my second home Bali. And that´s where I was lucky enough to meet the girl who changed my life.

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