Cebu Philippines Travel Guide- What to Do & See

philippines waterfall cebu island

Cebu is one of the main islands in the Philippines and best known for its beaches, great diving spots, and milky blue waterfalls. Swimming with sardines balls, jumping off waterfalls or just chilling on a white sandy beach – Cebu has it all.

Cebu Philippines Travel Guide

If you are traveling the Philippines, you must have Cebu on your itinerary. Read about the best things to do in Cebu.

cebu philippines travel guide

Diving in Moalboal

Moalboal is not just the perfect base to explore Cebu from or chill on the beach. This little town offers great diving sites with high chances to see turtles in crystal clear water with rich marine life.
And if you are not into diving, you can easily grab a mask and snorkel and swim with thousands of sardines called Sardines Balls just from the beach!

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Sunrise Hike Casino Peak

Cebu is not just about diving and chasing waterfalls. Not many people know Cebu offers jaw-dropping hikes with a unique landscape very similar to the one in Bohol Island. Get up one morning early and drive to the mountains area in Cebu. There are many peaks you can hike, we recommend Casino Peak because there is almost guaranteed you will have it all to yourself.

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From Moalboal it´s 1,5 hours drive. Bring your jumper because it gets pretty chilly when driving a bike that early. The hike itself takes just 15-20 minutes and the view is just breathtaking!

Cebu island sunrise view hike
Entrance fee: 30 PHP per person

Cebu island sunrise view hike

Best waterfalls Cebu

Cebu is where the best waterfalls are. Words can´t describe how much fun it is to hike all the waterfalls levels! And photos can´t do justice to all the natural beauty of them. That´s something you gotta experience on your own!:) And if you are a bit of adventurer and love amazing nature sceneries you should try canyoneering!

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Kawasan falls is the best-known waterfall in the Philippines. And this is the place where you can add a little bit of adrenaline into your veins! At Kawasan falls you can join a group of people with two guides and try canyoneering. Jumping off waterfalls, climbing, hiking, and swimming in vibrant blue water surrounded by the deepest jungle. Something that can´t miss on your list!

philippines waterfall cebu island


Aguinid Falls is on top of the list of our favorites spots in the Philippines.

1-hour drive from Moalboal will bring you to one of the best waterfalls we have ever visited. Aguinid Falls is a waterfall with 5 levels opened to the public and then another 3 levels which are officially closed to the public. When visiting Aguinid falls get ready to get wet.

philippines waterfall cebu island

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Inambakan falls are less known waterfall with 3 levels in the middle of palm tree fields. We were loving wandering through this area, climbing up and exploring more levels of this waterfall.

Inambukan falls Cebu Island


Dao Falls is one of a kind waterfall. Quite a lot of steps down, crossing a long bamboo bridge and then a scenic walk through walls of limestone.

philippines waterfall cebu island

Check accommodation in Moalboal

Where to stay in Cebu – Moalboal

From Cebu Airport make your way directly down to Moalboal. That is where all the accommodation and restaurants for tourists are and you will be closer to all the waterfalls, diving spots, and sunrise hikes. The most strategic place to stay (book your accommodation in Moalboal).
If you are following our guide, you will be arriving in Cebu from Puerto Princesa by plane. Read our detailed guide on how to get there.

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Inambukan falls Cebu Island

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