The Complete Guide for Traveling Nusa Penida

Diamond beach Nusa Penida Bali

After we visited Nusa Penida and we absolutely loved it there, we put together all the information we wish we knew before and everything you need to know!

Nusa Penida Island, Bali

Nusa Penida is the biggest from the Nusa´s Islands. All of them are really close to each other and from Bali, they are just about 30 minutes by speed boat. The other two Islands are Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

Gamat bay Nusa Penida

Photo taken from Nusa Penida, first in front is Nusa Lembongan, then Nusa Ceningan and in the background is Bali.

It takes around 1 hour to 1 hour and a half to drive from one side of Nusa Penida to another. Most of the roads are in pretty bad conditions and very narrow. And thanks to the growing popularity of this island, the number of cars and bikes is growing as well, so be careful when driving your scooter.

rental scooter bali nusa penida rainy season

How to get to Nusa Penida Island

There is no airport, so to get to Nusa Penida, you need to take a speed boat from Bali.

There are two harbours where speed boats are departing from, the most common is Sanur Harbour. Sanur is about half an hour from Bali Airport.

To get to Nusa Penida there are no ferries available, only speed boats so you can´t take your bike or scooter with you, which means you will need to rent one on Nusa Penida.

Rumah pohon tree house Nusa Penida

How long do I need for visiting Nusa Penida

This really depends on what you wanna see and do on Nusa Penida. There are options like one-day snorkelling trips from Bali.
You can buy a package or organize for yourself the snorkelling trip when you will get to swim with Mantas (if you are lucky) and see some of Nusa Penida and Nusa Lembongan corals. You can also buy a one day trip of exploring Nusa Penida with your own private car driver and he will take you to the best-known places.

Crystal bay Palm tree road Nusa Penida

We travel on our own and we love the freedom our scooter gives to us, so we organized everything by ourselves. If you really wanna explore entire Nusa Penida and have some time to relax as well, we would recommend to you 5-7 days.

Where to buy boat tickets to Nusa Penida

speed boat from bali to nusa penida

To travel to Nusa Penida Island you have two options

You can buy an all-inclusive tour from Bali. It usually includes pickup from your accommodation, drop off at the harbour and they will have the boat tickets for you ready as well. In Nusa Penida, there will be a driver with lunch waiting for you and ready to take you to the most famous spots of Nusa Penida Island. This will cost around 800k IDR (80AUD) per person.

Or you can do it as we did and travel on your own!:) We got our boat tickets in Sanur harbour just 30 minutes before departing.

Kelingking Beach Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida Island Boat Schedule from Bali

From Sanur, Bali to Nusa Penida speed boat goes at 7 am, 9 am, 3 pm and 5 pm.
Make sure to be at Sanur at least 30 minutes before to get your ticket!

Just before arriving in the harbour, you need to pay 2k IDR parking fee (0,2AUD) per scooter and that should be for one day. If you want to leave your scooter for more days, you should pay fix rate 10k IDR (1AUD). We left our scooter in Sanur for 5 nights and nobody asked us for anything else than that 2k IDR only… So you will see:)

Broken beach Nusa Penida Bali

How much does it cost to get from Bali to Nusa Penida

One way ticket on a speed boat is 150k IDR per person (15AUD). Or you can get a two-way open ticket for 300k IDR per person.
About the return date, you need to inform them one day before you want to go back to Bali. On the ticket is written their number so you can message them or ask the staff at your hotel to message them and organized for you.

Thousand islands view Nusa Penida

How to travel Nusa Penida Island

So you are finally on Nusa Penida and now you need to decide how you wanna get around this beautiful Island:)

You can take day tours when a car will pick you up at your accommodation and drive you around the Island.

Or if you feel confident on a scooter, as soon as you get off the speed boat at Toyah Pakeh Harbour, there are plenty of scooter rental shops or mostly just people renting you their own scooter.
They will probably start the price of about 70-80k IDR (7-8AUD) per day but you should be easily able to get a scooter for 60k IDR per day.

The internet connection is not everywhere, its most of the time pretty slow and week, but for using google maps to get around is usually enough:)

Puyung secret beach Nusa Penida Bali

Fuel is sold on the side of the road in two sizes of bottles.
A small bottle is supposed to be 1 litre for 10-15k IDR. The big bottle is 2 litres for 20-25k IDR.
If you can, try to fill your bike up on the fuel station. There 1 litre is actually 1 litre and it costs around 6-7k IDR. Even tho we were informed a few times at the fuel station, that because we are Bule (tourists) we should be allowed to buy only the most expensive fuel for 10k IDR per litre. But they always ended up giving us the cheap fuel anyway… So we are not really sure what is this new rule there. If we were getting away with it only because of Maky´s knowledge of Indonesian language or if they are just trying to charge more.

Where to eat on Nusa Penida Island

We found Nusa Penida little more expensive than Bali and harder to find proper Indonesian street food.

Where we really liked our food and drinks was here ↡

Where to eat in Nusa Penida

➳ Western food, really good food and affordable price Krusty Krab
➳ Very local small warung, chicken and rice for 15k IDR here
➳ Delicious Ayam Lalapan (fried chicken with rice, tomato hot sauce) here

where to eat in nusa penida island, ayam lalapan street food

➳Great breakfast and lunch place Secret Penida Cafe
➳ Perfect sunset spot and cocktail bar Penida Colada

Where to stay on Nusa Penida Island

where to stay in Nusa Penida Island Bali

You should definitely try one of the bungalows slash small villas type of accommodation. With its unique shape, they come with everything you really need and usually breakfast is included as well.

We can definitely recommend for example these two:

Namaste Bungalows

Where to stay in Nusa Penida Bali

Apit Lawang villas

Where to stay in Nusa Penida Bali

Where to stay in Nusa Penida?

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Click here to check the current prices on Nusa Penida Island

Hope this article will make planning your Nusa Penida travels easier and inspired you to put this Indonesian Islands on your bucket list if you haven’t already!:)

Maky & Matt

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