Coron, Philippines – How to get there & What to see

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Coron is one of the most visited places in the Philippines. The main reason for going to Coron is the world-class island-hopping possibilities. Coron is part of Palawan Island and offers an endless amount of jaw-dropping views, limestone formations, hidden lagoons and lakes with mixture salt and freshwater. But there are few places on Coron Island itself which worth the visit.

How to get to Coron

Getting to Coron is possible by boat or plane. If you are following our 3 weeks Philippines Travel Guide, you are coming to the Coron from Manila.

How to get from Manila to Coron

From Manila, you can choose two ways how to get to Coron. By plane or by ferry.

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Flight from Manila to Coron

The quickest and easiest way how to get from Manila to Coron is a direct flight. Book a flight from Manila domestic terminal (terminal 4) to Coron. The airport in Coron is called Francisco B. Reyes Airport (USU) on Busuanga Island. The flight takes 50 minutes and we recommend you to book the flight a few weeks in advance so the price is lower.

From the airport in Coron, you need to take a shared tourist bus which costs around 150 pesos per person to the Coron town.

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island hopping the philippines

Ferry from Manila to Coron

From Manila, there is as well ferry which goes twice a week (Thursday and Sunday) to Coron. It´s an overnight ferry and takes around 11 hours. Book your ferry online here.

How to get from El Nido to Coron

From El Nido to Coron a ferry runs every day twice a day. It takes 4-5 hours and costs 1760 PHP. Get your tickets at least one day in advance in the El Nido harbor or book your ferry ticket online.

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Coron Philippines

To be completely honest with you, and this is just OUR opinion, Coron on its own doesn’t worth spending time on. Especially if you are on a tight time budget for your holiday, we would recommend you do just island hopping and then move onto your next destination.

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On the other hand, the Island hopping around Coron is the best we have done! Barracuda Lake with a mixture of layers of salt and freshwater, different temperatures and insane visibility blow our minds. Every little remote island and movie-like beaches constantly made us feel we gotta pinch ourselves if these places are even real.

But if you have extra time to spend, there are few places on Coron Island to do and see.

coron, philippines, island hopping

What to do and see in Coron Philippines

After arriving in Coron town, get yourself a bike for around 600 pesos per day so you can freely start your exploring!
We put together a list of 5 things to do on Coron Island.

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coron, philippines, island hopping

Cabo Beach Coron Philippines

Surprisingly there are not many beaches on Coron Island and it´s quite difficult to find a nice white sandy beach. So don ´t have your expectations too high:) First stop of the day is Cabo Beach, a short stretch of sandy beach with some rocks and few shacks on the beach to buy a drink. The entrance fee is 50 PHP (1,4 AUD) per person.

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Mt. Tapyas Hike Coron

Probably the best thing to do on Coron Island is sunset hike of Mt. Tapyas. Get ready for 750 stairs all the way up of a hill where the famous Hollywood-like sign “CORON” is. The panoramic view from up there is incredible! Especially when you time it just before sunset so you have a time on the top to find your own private spot to watch the sunsets down with a view on whole Coron Bay.

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Maquinit Hot Springs, Coron

A lot of people goes after the hike to relax their muscle into the Coron´s famous hot springs. The water of Maquinit Hot Springs is natural saltwater and has up to 40 degrees. The whole area is surrounded by a mangrove forest with an ocean view and would be another option to watch to sunset from. Although we have skipped this tourist attraction because this man-made pool was absolutely packed with people the time we wanted to go there. The entrance fee is 200 PHP (6 AUD) per person.

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coron, philippines, island hopping

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Where to stay in Coron Philippines

There are many options for accommodation in Coron town. From budget-friendly shared rooms to nice looking hotel rooms. Expect the price to be a little bit higher than in other parts of the Philippines.

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