El Nido Palawan Island Hopping tours – Price& Info

island hopping the philippines

if we need to choose only one thing to do in the Philippines, it will be the Island Hopping trip. And the most beautiful place to do so is El Nido, Palawan. Get on the local boat and explore remote paradise-like islands, stunning lagoons, and colorful underwater life. There are 4 tours in which each of them has a different route and take you on different islands. Read more to find out price and information about El Nido Palawan Island Hopping tours.

El Nido Island Hopping tour – Price & Info

At least one island hopping tour is the MUST-DO when traveling to El Nido Philippines (Book accommodation). Get yourself a Tour boat from El Nido, this will take you to Bacuit Bay. It ´s a protected bay consisting of 45 breathtaking islands and together creating the most beautiful destination in the world.

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What is island hopping tour Philippines

Island Hopping trip in El Nido is a one-day boat trip when you will stop at some lagoons for a swim, some remote islands with beautiful beaches and some snorkeling spots with amazing marine life.

You can join the tour and you will share the boat with another 10 -12 people or you can get a private boat.

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island hopping the philippines

Island hopping trip starts in the morning – usually around 8:30 am and finishes around 4 pm. You will meet your boat driver and his crew in the morning at the harbor. The tour includes drinking water, life jackets, lunch, fruit snacks, and snorkeling gear. Ask beforehand if the price includes kayak, environmental tax, and entrance fees to avoid unwanted surprises!

island hopping the philippines

The lunch usually consists of fish, chicken, rice, salad, eggplant, and fruit being served on the beach or the boat.

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El Nido Palawan Island hopping tour price

The price for island hopping tour varies depending on which tour from A, B, C or D you choose and what deal you get.
It should be somewhere between 1200 PHP to 1400 PHP (33 – 39 AUD) per person if you are looking into joining a tour.

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Our tip is to create a group of 4 people and get yourself a private boat. With 4 of you, the price will be the same or almost the same as the shared boat but it will be so much more relaxed and enjoyable.

How to book El Nido island hopping tour

You can easily organize your island hopping trip the day before in El Nido town. There are plenty of people, accommodations and shops selling tours and packages. You can just choose when you want to go and what spots are you interested in to see. They have almost everywhere signed with all types of tours, photos, and prices. The prices are pretty fixed and don’t vary much from each other, but we still recommend you to go to a few places and ask for the conditions and what everything is included.

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If you will be in a group of people, you can negotiate the price, spots where to go and even what time you want to start.

What´s the best El Nido Philippines Island hopping tour

To be able to choose which island hopping tour you will take, you need to know where each tour will take you.
There are 4 tours: A, B, C, and D.

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El Nido Island hopping tour A

Miniloc Island
Exploring Secret lagoon
Kayaking in the Big Lagoon
Lunch at Shimizu Island
7-Commando Beach

Price is around 1200 PHP (33 AUD)

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island hopping the philippines

El Nido Island hopping tour B

The sandbank called Snake Island
Audubon Cave
Pinagbuyutan Island
Cathedral Cave
Entalula Island

Price is around 1300 PHP (36 AUD)

island hopping the philippines

El Nido Island hopping tour C

snorkeling at Matinloc Shrine
Secret Beach
Hidden Beach
Tapiautan Island
Helicopter Island

Price is around 1400 PHP (39 AUD)

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El Nido Island hopping tour D

snorkeling around Cadlao Island
Small Lagoon
Pasandigan Cove
Nat Nat Beach
Bukal Beach

Price is around 1200 PHP (33 AUD)

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It´s really hard to say which tour is the best because every single spot on the list above looks like it’s from another world. Honestly any tour you will choose, they all will make you speechless. The most popular seems to be tours A, B, and D.

El Nido Island hopping private tour guide

In our opinion, the best way how to explore as much of Bacuit Bay as possible is to rent a private boat. It does cost little more than the shared tour, but it’s so worth it! And if you can make a group of 4 of you, then the price is the same.
The main reason for us to choose the private tour is that you can ask your captain to leave in the morning earlier than other boats.

island hopping the philippines

All these island hopping tours are very popular and therefore all the spots are pretty packed with tourists. That ´s something you need to prepare yourself for. But there is a way how to avoid other tourists and enjoy a lot of these stunning places just for yourself! All boats are leaving between 8 am and 8:30 am. Ask your captain to leave the harbor at 6 am and start with spots that are the most touristic.

Our El Nido Island hopping private tour experience

We booked a private boat on every single island hopping tour in the Philippines. Purely because too many people in one small place ruin it for us even though the spot is jaw-dropping.

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island hopping the philippines

We chose Secret Lagoon, Shimizu Island, Entalula Island and Snake Island.
It´s a combination of tour A and B. We asked our captain to start at 6 am and we barely saw other people on most of these spots!
The price we paid was 7000 PHP + 800 PHP environment tickets. Lunch, drinking water and entrance fees were included. It was 4 of us so all together we paid 7800 PHP which is 1950 PHP per person (54 AUD).

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island hopping the philippines
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