Tuscany Hot Springs – Complete Guide to the Best Italy Natural Spa

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

Tuscany- Best Italy Hot Springs

One of Italy´s highlights and a MUST SEE are the Natural thermal baths in Tuscany. Imagine silky blue water heated by the nearby volcano with a temperature of 37,5 degrees. Add a breathtaking landscape typical for Tuscany area and you get “Cascate del Mulino”. Hot springs in Saturnia – a spa town in Italy. A natural waterfall coming out of the earth and flowing down all levels filling the natural cascade pools. The Saturnia hot springs in Tuscany are completely for free. There is no entrance fee neither parking fee.

Where is Tuscany Hot Springs

Cascate di Mulino is located less than 6 km outside of the town of Saturnia in Tuscany, Italy. The exact address is Cascate del Mulino, Via della Follonata, 58014 Saturnia, Manciano Grosseto.

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

Tuscany hot springs are 80 km from Rome, 200 km from Florence and 75 km from Orvieto.

The best hot springs in Italy

Saturnia´s thermal baths are said to be the most beautiful hot springs in Italy. And we can´t agree more! But don´t let people fool you by calling them Italy´s best-kept secret! These hot springs are well-known and they are very popular. To enjoy this place peacefully and privately, you need to come before 6 am.

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

It´s not hard to understand why so many people come every day to visit Tuscany´s hot springs. Bubbling waters rich in mineral deposits coming out through the Earth´s crust near volcano Mount Amiata. The Cascate del Mulino is made of several natural pools of warm thermal water. They are open to the public and free FREE to visit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Sulphur contained in the hot springs gives it sometimes quite strong “eggy” smell. Romans believed these waters are a gift of God and have a therapeutic effect.

How do I get to Saturnia hot springs

Saturnia is strategically located between Siena (2 hours) and Rome (3 hours). Therefore you can perfectly fit one day of relaxing in hot springs into your Italian road trip! For the best experience try to schedule the visit of Tuscany hot springs in the early morning.

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

The best option if you have a (rental) car

According to us, the best way is to spend the night at one of the bed and breakfasts near the hot springs and then come early in the morning. Watching the sunbeams peek through the fog while you are soaking your body in the mineral hot waters is priceless.

As well, during sunrise or sunset, there are the least visitors.
There are two parking areas which are completely for free as well, open the entire day. If you will come during mid-day you might struggle to find the parking spot!

Tip: for the best experience, bring your hot coffee or tea and enjoy a cup of hot fresh beverage in the silky blue pools

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

How to get to Saturnia hot Springs by train

The closest train station is Albinia but not all trains stop there so make sure to check it beforehand. The next closest is the station at Orbetello. From there, you need to take a bus (Rama) from Orbetello or Albinia to Manciano.

From Manciano, you will take a bus that takes you to Saturnia.

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

All you need to know before visiting Tuscany Hot Springs

There are few things you should know before visiting Saturnia Hot springs.

Changing rooms: There are no changing rooms in the area of hot springs, so you need to change in your car.

Parking: The parking area is for free but limited. Even though there are two quite big parking lots, during high season in the peak hours, it can get full. Be careful where you park because there are police, who checks it and it´s not hard to get the parking ticket!

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy

Safety: There is no lifeguard.

Shops: There is one bar with limited menu offer. We would recommend you to bring your snack and drinks. Make sure you will take all rubbish with you and don´t leave anything behind!:)

Temperature: The waters have beautiful 37,5°C

Saturnia hot springs Tuscany Italy
sulphurous-carbonic, sulphate-bicarbonate-alkaline mineral water, and includes among its peculiarities the presence of two dissolved gases such as hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. The sulphur contained in the water can stain your jewellery. Especially silver will more likely turn black. But there is no need to be worry! You can easily fix it by rubbing toothpaste onto your jewellery.

Shoes: The ground around the area and at the bottom of the pools is covered with gravel and small pebble-stones. So you might wanna bring shoes for better comfort.

About Tuscany

Tuscany is a picturesque area in Italy. Famous for its wild nature, rich history and beautiful landscape with great wine.

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