In Austria Alps – First time of seeing snow

Our trip to Austria

In January we decided to go from Bali to Czech Republic. Visit my family and friends and mainly to fix my healthy problem.
And because its winter time in Europe, I havent seen snow for 3 years and Matty never in his life, we went to Austria Alps for 7 days.
We stayed at Mayrhofen in Hippach. Matty rented a snowboard, I rented skies and we were ready to try it in the ski area Zell am Ziller!

It takes just 5 hours drive from Prague to Mayrhofen!:)
I am definitelly more of a sunny and beachy type of person and same for Matty, but I was so exciting to build an igloo again, see the beautiful scenery of Alps and show to Matty the snow!
First day we bought a ticket to get only one time up and down, Matty was learning snowboarding at the beginner spot, we were sitting at the restaurant, drinking beers and Aperol Spritz and being so surprised how quickly meals get cold in this winter weather:D
Usually it was between -5 and -12°C. But sunny and beautiful!

Second day we went properly skiing and snowboarding and we just loved it!!

First map is where we went the first day to try.

We enjoyed skiing and snowboarding the most in Rastkogel – the middle map, where its just breathtaking route called route 66, some parts are pretty steep red slopes, not really suitable for beginners, but it worth it the view!

Last map is Glacier Hintertux, a place where it snows whole year long, its one of the highest slope in this area and you can combine a day of skiing and snowboarding with a trip to ice cave with boat ride inside.

If you buy whole day skipass you have access to every chairlift and every slope in the whole area, you just have a map of ski routes and then you are trying to find each slope and each chairlift to get where you planned so you dont ended up on some black slope:D

I was surprised I didnt forget how to ski even though i havent been skiing for good 7 years and I was so proud of Matty how quickly he picked it up and was able to snowboard! Probably some talent he was born with and skills from surf helped to him:)

You can choose from quite a lot of type of ski pass, one day, one week, 5 days in a week ect, but each day starts at 8:30 or 9 am and finishes 4:30 or 5 pm. So the perfect way for us is having breakfast at home, go on the slopes, skiing and snowboarding till lunch time and then stop at one of many restaurants right on the slope. You can have cold beer or Austria specialty hot Bombardino which is a hot and sweet drink in three variation. My favorite one is Calimero –  one part Brandy, one part an egg-based liquor, and one part espresso. Yummmy!

For a lunch you need to try:

Germknodel (one big sweet dumpling filled with blueberry jam and covered in vanilla sauce with grated poppy seed)
Gulash soup (hot soup with beef, potatoes, onion and served with bread roll)
Kaiserschmarrn (sweet pancakes, chopped up and served with icing sugar, cinnamon and apple puree)
Kasespatzle (boiled chopped up dough with heaps of cheese and fired onion)

Once we have our energy back, we go back on the slopes for a bit longer, having fun and racing each other.
Around 4 pm take off your snowboard or skis and have a few drinks at another restaurant which turns after 3:30 pm into the bar with loud music, many drinks and its full of dancing people.

When we were tired and wanted a break from skiing we stayed at our rented place and just built an igloo, snowman or just played in the snow until we were too wet and cold and ready for hot shower and some wine.

One beautiful trip by car, an hour from mayrhofen we can recommend it is Krimml waterfall. We didnt have the best weather for it, first we couldnt even see it how heavy the snow was and second driving car in this snowstorm, when you cant even see in front you, when Matty has no experiences with driving in the snow or putting chains on was fun… but not really:D
But we made it, and I can imagin that in better weather or even in the spring it has to be an even more beautiful waterfall!

On the way from Austria to Prague we decide to do one more small trip to the oldest village in Austria called Hallstatt.
Its a beautiful Alpin village from 16th century, placed on the lake with World´s oldest salt mines. These mines you can enter and even slide deep down into them, you can visit the musem, do Skywalk to the viewing platform or follow a trail through glacier garden and Waterfall.

Basic information about Austria:

Capitol is Vienna
Official language is German
Currency is Euro (1EUR is 1,57 AUD)
You have to have a toll sticker on you car for driving on motorways and highways – 9 EUR for 10 days (14 AUD) – you can buy them on petrol station
At fuel station you have to pay for using toilet 70 cents but the ticket you can use like a 50 cents voucher for shopping in EVERY fuel station
Whole day ski pass is 52 EUR (82 AUD)


Check prices of accommodation in Austria here

Hope you enjoyed this article and it might inspire you to go to Austria or somewhere else.
Maky & Matt


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