The Best Philippines Waterfalls Travel Guide

The Philippines are full of mindblowing waterfalls filled with crystal clear, vibrant milky blue water and even rope swings and bamboo rafts. Words can´t describe how much fun it is to hike all the waterfalls levels! And photos don’t do justice to all the natural beauty of them. Here is a list of the best Philippines waterfalls.

Philippines Waterfalls – The Must-Visit Waterfalls Guide

We have put down a list of by far our favorite waterfalls to see when visiting the Philippines. The MUST SEE guide with entrance fee price information will take you to waterfalls, which will leave you speechless.

the best philippines waterfall guide

The best way to explore Cebu and Siquijor Island is to rent a bike. The price is between 400-600 PHP (11-17 AUD) and especially on Cebu roads are mainly straight and well maintained.

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philippines waterfall cebu island


1-hour drive from Moalboal will bring you to one of the best waterfalls we have ever visited. Aguinid Falls is a waterfall with 5 levels opened to the public and then another 3 levels which are officially closed to the public. When visiting Aguinid falls get ready to get wet.

philippines waterfall cebu island

To explore all 5 levels you need to climb the actual waterfall, walk through water and jump. It´s a very easy fun hike and the water is just incredible! Don’t forget hiking shoes which can get wet and a dry bag for your stuff.

philippines waterfall cebu island

It ´s the must-do when on Cebu Island.

If you are feeling adventurous and in very good physical condition, you can ask your guide to take you to the next 3 levels of this waterfall. We did it and gotta say it´s not an easy hike. It ´s dangerous, it requires strength and we can see the reason why these next 3 levels are closed for the public.

philippines waterfall cebu island

Entrance fee: 60 PHP (1,6 AUD)
Renting a dry bag: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD)
Renting wet shoes: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD)
Parking fee: 10 PHP (0,3 AUD)
Guide: UP TO YOU although the recommended amount is 100-200 PHP (2,8 – 5,5 AUD) per guide.

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philippines waterfall cebu island

The guide for Aguinnid Waterfall is compulsory. If you arrived after 7 am, you will need to take 2 guides. If you arrived before 7 am, you will get only one guide. Purely because that early there are not enough guides yet.

Tip: On the way to the waterfall entrance are many parking spots and people are telling you to stop there and pay 20 PHP. Keep driving to the very end where the parking fee is 10 PHP and its closest to the waterfall.

the philippines travel guide


The ultimately favorite spot on Siquijor Island for us is Cambugahay falls. Three levels of waterfalls with an endless amount of rope swings jumps and bamboo rafts are a place, where we could spend the whole day long.

Just a 5 minute long an easy walk down to three different levels all with huge pools for swimming and rocks for jumping.

the philippines trave guide

It´s probably the most famous spot on the entire island so you need to expect quite a lot of people unless you will come early in the morning – before 7 am. But thanks to the size of these pools, you don’t need to worry too much about other people. Instead, just make sure you have enough time to spend here and play with locals!:)

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the philippines travel guide

Entrance fee: FREE
Parking fee: 10 PHP (0,3 AUD)
Rope Swing: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD) with unlimited swings
Raft Bamboo: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD) with unlimited use

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philippines waterfall siquijor island


The best-known waterfall in the Philippines.  It takes approximately 40 minutes of drive from Moalboal to get here or you can take a public bus from Moalboal. The bus takes around 1 hour and costs 20 PHP.

philippines waterfall cebu island

You can enter Kawasan falls just on your own and hike up to explore all the levels of this fall as well as have a swim in its pools.

philippines waterfall cebu island

Or you can join canyoneering Kawasan Falls tour where you will get to climb through the waterfall levels, jump and swing on rope swings.

philippines waterfall cebu island

Entrance fee: 45 PHP (1,3 AUD) per person
Parking fee: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD) per bike
Canyoneering tour: +- 2000 PHP (56 AUD) per person


Inambakan falls are less known waterfalls with 3 levels in the middle of palm tree fields. We were loving wandering through this area, climbing up and exploring more levels of this waterfall.

Inambukan falls Cebu Island

At the very top is a pool where you can jump from and play together with local kids. We spent here at least 3 hours and the only people we met were local kids jumping off the top level with us.

Inambukan falls Cebu Island

Entrance fee: 50 PHP (1,4 AUD) per person
Parking fee: 15 PHP

There is a guide available if you need but it´s not compulsory.

Inambukan falls Cebu Island

So if you are looking for a quiet place with some easy hikes and swimming possibilities in emerald blue water, Inambakan falls is exactly for you!

philippines waterfall cebu island


Dao Falls is one of a kind waterfall. Quite a lot of steps down, crossing a long bamboo bridge and then a scenic walk through walls of limestone.

philippines waterfall cebu island

Dao Falls made us stop every few steps to look around and pinch ourselves if this is even real. The water is insane blue, the limestone formations create a wall from each side while you walk, hike and climb through. It is a natural wonder. At the end of the 20-minute long walk, you will get to the main waterfall.

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philippines waterfall cebu island

On the way, there are a few pools where you can jump and have a refreshing dip before continuing the scenic walk.

philippines waterfall cebu island

And this is the main waterfall. And the best thing is despite how insanely beautiful this place, we met only one group of people on their way back.

philippines waterfall cebu island
Entrance fee
: 60 PHP (1,6 AUD) per person

Parking fee: 20 PHP (0,5 AUD) per bike
Guide: UP TO YOU – the recommended amount is 100 – 200 PHP (2,8 – 5,6 AUD)

Having a guide in Dao Falls is compulsory.

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philippines waterfall cebu island

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