Rome, Italy – 6 TOP things to DO and SEE

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

What can you expect from the visit to Rome? One of the world´s most famous historical sites, delicious pizza, and the famous gelato. Explore Rome with a cup of Italian espresso, feel the Italian chilled vibes, sense for fashion surrounded by incredible architecture. These are our 6 TOP things to DO and SEE in 2 days in Rome Italy!

Rome, Italy – Things you can´t miss!

We recommend spending 2-3 days in Rome. Start your day early to enjoy the quiet streets of Rome and the most famous sites before they get busy!  And don´t forget to take with you a bottle of water, everywhere in Rome you can find a drinking water fountain to refill the bottle – save money and the environment:)

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

Day 1 – Top thing to see in Rome, Italy

Start your day early and as first things, head to the Colosseum. A cup of strong Italian espresso will help you with the energy kick you might need!:)

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

Colosseum – Rome Italy

It is the absolute must-visit when in Rome, Italy! With its 156 meters of width, 188 meters of length and 48 meters of height, The Colosseum is Italy´s most famous historical site.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

And, therefore, it´s the busiest! Make sure the Colosseum is the first place to go in the morning, to avoid crowds and to see sunbeams peeking through this round-shaped masterpiece.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

The Colosseum is the largest amphitheater and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

Read more about the Colosseum, tickets, and prices in our Detailed Rome Travel Guide.

2 Palatine Hill & Roman Forum

From the Colosseum, it´s just a short walk to Palatine Hill. With the 12 EUR tickets you already got from the Colosseum, you have access to these historical sites as well.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

If you will join the tour you can learn so much about this area, where the first settlement of Rome started.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

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Grab a lunch and rest your legs

Have a rest after a long morning of admiring historical sites and grab lunch at one of many small restaurants and pizza places.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

3 Altar of the Fatherland

At Piazza Venezia, just 20 minutes long walk from Palatine Hill you will find a gigantic white marble monument.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

It has been built to honor the first king of Italy Vittorio Emanuele II and it´s free to visit. Be aware that sitting at the stairs is not allowed and the doors to this monument open at 9:30 am.

4 Make a wish at Trevi Fountain

Trevi Fountain is the most beautiful and the most well know fountain in Rome. There is no time in a day (or night) where there would be no people!:D So you can plan your visit here anytime and just embraced the busy atmosphere.

We recommend to end your sightseeing day here at Trevi Fountain and make it your last stop before having dinner.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

When you are at the fountain, don´t forget to toss a coin and make a wish!:)

Although the real myth says little bit something different! According to Italians, if you will toss a coin with your right hand over your left shoulder, destiny will bring you back to Rome in a year. If you will toss two coins, you will fall in love with a Roman person! 3 coins then will make sure you will get married to an Italian person. So be careful with the number of coins:))

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

On a serious note, each day there is over 3000 EUR collected and donated to buy food for Rome people in need.

Grab some typical Italian dinner

We love to end the day by having Aperol Spritz and beer with some delicious pizza near our accommodation. It´s nice to get some unwind time before heading off the next day to explore more of Rome!

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

Day 2 in Rome, Italy

5 Vatican City

Inside of Rome, there is a Vatican City which is a different country! This smallest country in the world has only 1000 residents but over 5 million visitors a year! Try to avoid visiting Vatican City on Sundays as it can be closed!

How to get around Rome? And how much does it cost? Read our Rome detailed Travel Guide.

6 Pantheon, Rome Italy

The Pantheon used to be a former Roman temple, now turned into the church.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

Being built 2 thousand years ago, it´s one of the best-preserved Ancient Roman buildings! What makes the visit inside of the Pantheon even more special is an opening in the middle of the dome to let the natural sunlight in.

Rome Italy Top things to do and see

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