Rottnest Island – WA Quokka

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is the perfect little getaway from the busy life of Perth. You can do just a one day trip or you can easily spend there a few nights. Read our Guide to find out more about Australian island with 63 stunning beaches and home of the happiest animal in the world – Quokka.

We booked our one day tour with KKday tour company and honestly we couldn´t ask for a better experience!

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

Where is Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island covers 19km² and is just 18 kilometres off the coast of Western Australia. From Perth, it takes only 25 minutes by ferry from Fremantle Port or 45 minutes by ferry from Hillarys Boat Harbour.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

What is Rottnest Island famous for

“Rotto” how is the island widely known is the home of the cutest and happiest animal in the world, the quokka.

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

Quokkas, apart from a tiny colony on the Western Australia mainland, they are found only at Rottnest Island, nowhere else on Earth!

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

These tiny lovely wild animals are said to be the happiest animal in the world! It´s thanks to their wide smile they present on their faces all the time and there friendliness. Quokkas are related to wallabies – small-sized kangaroos and they live in a big colony on Rottnest Island. They have almost no fear of humans and often they will come right up to you!:)

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

Despite their friendly behaviour, please respect the fact, they are wild animals and it´s prohibited to touch them or feed them!

Firstly, it´s dangerous for quokkas to eat humans food as well as get in touch with humans bacteria. Both can be deadly for these little creatures. Secondly, although Quokkas are very friendly, they can bite if feeling threatened.

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

How much does it cost to go to Rottnest Island

The price is vary depending on which company you will use, but generally speaking, it’s around 70 AUD per person one way and 100 AUD return with landing fee included.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

We booked One day trip with KKday tour, including return ferry tickets, bike rental and landing fee for 99 AUD! It´s definitely worth to book your trip through them!

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How do I get to Rottnest Island

There are quite a few ways how to get to Rotto! This is the most often ways how to get there:

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth


  • book your return ticket as a package with a tour company
  • book your ferry ticket online
  • buy your ferry ticket at one of the harbours (Fremantle, Hillarys)
  • buy Air taxi ticket
  • sail/drive your own boat

How to get around Rottnest Island

Rotto is a car-free zone, so there are no cars whatsoever. You can walk, use a tourist bus or rent a bicycle and ride around.

The last option – to rent a bike, is our favourite way how to explore Perth´s getaway. When you book Rottnest Island trip, you can choose the same package we did – which already includes bikes. Or you can rent a bike after arriving in Rotto.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

To ride around the entire island took us around 3 hours, but with stops for a dip in crystal clear waters, you will definitely need more time!

Highlights of Rottnest Island

The main reason to visit this place are all 63 pristine beaches, snorkelling in translucent bays, unwind from the busy city life of Perth and of course to meet quokkas.

quokkas animal Rottnest Island

One day Rottnest Island Trip

This Western Australian getaway island can be visited from Perth in one day or you can stay overnight in one of many accommodations.

We did one day trip only and this is how our own experience looked like!

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

We booked our package online with KKday tour here and we chose to depart by the very first ferry at 7:30 am. At 6:30 am we picked up our tickets and bikes at Hillarys Boat Harbor, bought coffee and made our way to the ferry.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

The ferry took around 50 minutes and by 8:30 am we were ready to explore Rottnest Island as we wished. We rode all the way around the island, stopped at the lighthouse and at many beaches. Last hours we spend near the harbour relaxing and watching quokkas. Another great option to chill after the whole day riding the bike is Thomson´s restaurant right at the harbour.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

The ferry back to Perth departs at 4:30 pm so we got to watch the sunset from the ferry at Hillarys Harbour! Such a wonderful way how to wrap the entire day.

Rottnest Island Western Australia Perth

We were loving to have our own bike and just ride around, be on the fresh air and have some exercise at the same time:)

But if you are not a big fan of riding a bike, don’t you worry! You can book the same tour, except for riding a bike, you can explore Rottnest Island by bus!:)

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Where to stay in Rottnest Island? Check your possibilities here!

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