Siargao Island – 7 MUST Things to do

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Siargao is a place where you will find so many beautiful places to stay, to relax by the pool during the day and have drinks on the beach during the night. As well you will finally find some great western food options! Yet with so many local street food places, fruit and veggie markets, and second-hand markets. Read about all the MUST-SEE spots in Siargao Islands.

About Siargao Island Philippines

Siargao Island was for us the best atmospheres. The idyllic balance between being touristically developed yet with a local life feeling will give you a town called General Luna.

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7 things you cant miss in siargao island philippines

Are you thinking about your next holiday somewhere with crystal clear water, pristine white sandy beaches with palm trees leaning over? Siargao Island has it all! Rope swings, Surfing spots, scenic coconut roads and Island hopping tours.

Siargao Island Travel Guide – MUST SEE & DO

From Rope swings across local rivers to all day long island-hopping Siargao Island has a lot to offer. We have created a list of 7 things to do when in Siargao Island.

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Siargao Island hopping tours

Choose one of many Island hopping tours on Siargao Island and explore little islands surrounding Siargao itself. A day spent on a boat is usually a good day. Read our Complete guide on Siargao Island hopping tours to find out more.

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Surf at Cloud 9 Siargao

Cloud 9 is a world-known surfing spot as well as a touristic developed place in General Luna. So even if you are surfing or not, put this place on your list of spots to visit when in Siargao. Go for a surf or just watch other surfers while enjoying your lunch (vegan and non-vegan restaurants) on a place to be.

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Rope Swing at Maasin River

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Maasin River became a famous spot on Siargao Island. A perfectly shaped palm tree leaning over the Maasin River is an amazing playground for kids and adults. Local kids hand made a rope swing where you can for small entrance fee swing and jump the whole day long.

siargao island rope river swing

Watching these lovely kids throwing backflips and running on this tall palm tree is an experience you can’t miss.

siargao island rope river swing

Look for a red Maasin Bridge to find this Instagram famous spot.

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Entrance fee: 20 PHP per person
Boat or Bamboo Raft: 500 PHP

Sohoton Jellyfish Sanctuary

One day trip on the boat towards Bucas Grande will bring you to Sohoton Jellyfish Sanctuary. Although we have strong doubts about truthness of this place being a sanctuary we loved this trip.

jelly fish sanctuary philippines

After arriving at Sohoton Cove, you will need to pay 450 PHP for two people as the entrance fee. After that, you will board a tiny local boat with a boat driver in it and the two of you will start the journey to the jellyfish lagoon.

jelly fish sanctuary philippines

This protected lagoon creates such a safe environment for these jellyfish that they didn’t develop venomous tentacles so they are completely stingless and safe to swim around.

jelly fish sanctuary philippines

When going for a swim, please DO NOT apply any sunscreen as it will destroy the environment for jellyfish. Move around them gently and do not take them out of the water! When your boat driver tries to catch them with his paddle just to show you, please try to stop him.

jelly fish sanctuary philippines

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Palm Trees View Point

If your thinking of renting a scooter and exploring the Siargao Island on your own, you basically can´t miss the Palm trees viewpoint and Palm trees road. Both of these places are quickly becoming touristic spots and are part of the main road, offering a stunning scenic view over hundreds of palm tree fields. (amazing at sunrise)

The next few spots we didn’t get to visit even though we attempted a few times. Every time we would attempt to enter, there were way too many people or it just wasn’t worth the entrance fee. But we will still mention them for you to make your own opinion!:)

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Magpupungko rock pools

A beach surrounded with the shallow reef which during low tide will create Rock Pools. The drive from General Luna takes around 45 minutes.
The rock pools will appear only on low tide so make sure you will check the tides and plan your visit for that certain time.

Price Magpupungko Rock Pools: 5 PHP first entrance fee, 20 PHP parking fee and 50 PHP per person another entrance fee.

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Sugba Lagoon

Sugba Lagoon is a 4000-hectare sanctuary, which is accessible only by boat from the harbor at Del Carmen. You can book a tour from General Luna or if you have a bike, you can drive to Del Carmen harbor and book a tour directly from there.

It´s a jaw-dropping lagoon from a bird’s eye view. Turquoise blue waters with all the small staggered islands around looks just incredible. It´s quite a popular place so you definitely won´t be there alone. People usually spend the day chilling in the water or renting a paddleboard or bamboo raft and floating in the main lagoon.

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There are a few ways how to decide the best time to visit Siargao Island.

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Best months to visit Siargao for surf

The best months for surf are from July to November. In these months Siargao Island gets the best waves and even hosts a Surfing competition in September.

surfing cloud 9 siargao philippines

Best months to visit Siargao for weather

March until June should guarantee sunny days. Although there still can be some wet days.

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