The Complete Siargao Island Hopping Travel Guide

siargao island travel philippines

Island hopping tours are probably our favorite things to do in the Philippines. In Siargao Island, there are few tours you can join and explore surrounding tropical islands our Siargao. Find out all the information and prices about island hopping in Siargao.

Siargao Island Hopping tours Prices & Info

There are two different Island hopping tours you can join. We break down all the information with photos, prices, and tips.

siargao island hopping tours guide

Siargao Island Hopping tour – Naked, Daku, Guyam Island

The most common one consists of 3 stops – Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island.

These three islands are relatively close to Siargao Island and you can join a shared boat or take a private boat. Even though throughout the whole Philippines we would recommend you take a private boat anytime you can, in this case, it doesn’t make sense.
Because these three islands are pretty small and popular, we found that at any time of the day they would be packed with people.

➵ Check accommodation in General Luna, Siargao Island – and

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About Naked Island, Siargao

Naked Island is a stretch of sand that comes up only during the low tide. It´s about a 100-meter long sandbank in the middle of crystal clear blue water.

There is no additional fee.

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siargao island travel philippines

Daku Island

Daku Island is the biggest one from all three islands you will stop on this tour. Thanks to the bigger size you will have more space to explore and there is a higher chance for all the people to spread so it doesn’t feel too crowded.

There is an additional entrance fee of 100 PHP per person.

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Guyam Island

This little paradise-like island is our favorite one of all three islands. A tiny island with coconut trees, swings, and hammocks on the beach surrounded by shallow coral and turquoise blue water. It´s usually the last stop of this trip and there is an additional 30 PHP per person.

Tip: Check the tide and try to plan this Island hopping when the tide is high in the afternoon. That´s when Guyam Island is the prettiest.

island hopping the philippines

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Grand Bucas Island Hopping Siargao Tour

Island hopping tour around Grand Bucas and Corregidor Island is more expensive because it´s quite far away. On this tour, you will get to see some untouched beaches, Jellyfish sanctuary, beautiful lagoons, and fewer people.

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Sohoton Jellyfish Sanctuary was such a beautiful experience although we are doubting about the word “Sanctuary” in their name. We have a Highlight on our Instagram from here to make your own opinion.

island hopping the philippines

If you will decide to go there, please do not wear sunscreen and be gentle around jellyfish!

At Sohoton Jellyfish Sanctuary we paid an additional 450 PHP for both of us and at Corregidor Island is 100 PHP landing fee per boat.

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Price for Siargao Island hopping tour

The three islands tour costs around 2000 PHP (55 AUD) per boat which can take up to 8 people. It usually doesn´t include lunch and additional entrance fees.

For the whole day on the private boat going to Bucas Grande, Corregidor Island, Guyam Island, Naked Island we paid 5000 PHP (140 AUD). It didn’t include lunch or entrance fees.

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How to book Siargao Island hopping tour

The easiest way is to ask in your accommodation to organize it for you. Although they will surely charge you a little bit extra as their commission.

The cheapest way is to go at least one day in advance to the main harbor in General Luna town and make a deal directly with one of many boat drivers. To decrease your costs try to make a group with other travelers and in the group of 6-8 of you, the price will be as low as 300 PHP per person for a whole day boat trip.

island hopping the philippines

Are the Siargao Island Hopping tours worth the money

This is just our opinion based on our experiences. With this said:

It´s a beautiful day on the boat. Being on the sun and exploring Filipino Islands is so much fun.
BUT to be completely honest with you, our opinion would be it´s not worth it if you are going to Coron or El Nido.

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The shared island-hopping Siargao tour is pretty affordable. So we would recommend you go if you have enough time and money. Otherwise, we would skip this trip to save money and time for much better island hopping in the Coron or El Nido.

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