Roadtrip in Western Australia – Perth to Esperance

Roadtrip Western Australia camping

All the information about our 1-month long WA road trip in April 2019 throughout Western Australia! The best places to see between Perth and Esperance, how much does it cost and camping tips.

Roadtrip in Western Australia

In April 2019 we decided to do a 1-month long WA road trip from Perth to Esperance and back.
To visit Esperance was mine (Maky) dream for almost two years and it finally came true:)

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Western Australia (WA) is Australia´s largest state with a total land area of over 2,500,000 square kilometres.
During winter (April – October) we love to do WA road trips to the north from Perth to chase the warm weather and sun. Our favourite route to North West would be from Perth to Exmouth.

Exmouth WA turtles

During summer the best option for us is road tripping down south to escape the flies and the strong sun. Perth to Esperance in the summer (November – March) has great weather conditions and let you fully enjoy this area.

So here are our tips and information about the road trip from Perth to Esperance and back.

Esperance Lucky Bay Western Australia

The most often questions about Western Australia Roadtrip

We will start by answering the most often asked questions you got.

Quick questions and answers:)

blue tongue lizzard

How long did the Western Australia Roadtrip take us?

It was for almost one month. From 19.3.2019 – 13.4.2019

What car do we have? Is it a rental car?

We have 4WD car Nissan Patrol GU. And it’s our car (Matty´s)

roadtrip Western Australia camping

How many kilometres did we drive the Western Australia Roadtrip?

Even tho Esperance is from Perth 720 km, we did 4 870 km. That´s why it cost us so much as well:D We always drive every small trek and we take every turn.

How much did Western Australia Roadtrip cost us?

We broke down all the costs for this road trip. In total, it cost us 1 946 AUD.
1 167 AUD for fuel
695 AUD for food
84 AUD for camping accessories (Gas bottles, torch batteries)

Esperance, Western Australia, sand dunes

What to see on Western Australia Roadtrip?

Starting in Perth and going towards Esperance, we will name all the spots we have stopped on the way there and back. Our main goal was Esperance and that´s where we spent a whole 10 days! But we will share with you all the places which are worth to see on a Western Australia road trip.

Blue Boat Shed, Perth, Western Australia Roadtrip

Lately the most Instagram-able spot in Perth. Boatshed in the middle of Perth City is a picturesque peaceful place inside of the hustle and bustle of busy city life.

Blue Boat shed Perth WA
Because the popularity which is gaining lately, we can recommend you to visit this place early in the morning. you will avoid crowds and the pinky sky during sunrise just adds to this place the right vibes.

Blue boatshed perth wa

Black Diamond Lake, Western Australia Roadtrip

Back Diamond lake has an incredible milky blue colour which makes this swimming hole so special. The ideal place to stretch your leg after hours of driving. Have a swim, make lunch and continue your journey refreshed.

black diamond lake wa

Injidup Natural Spa, Western Australia Roadtrip

Vast white sandy beach, pristine turquoise water on one side. Rock formation creating a Natural spa on the other side. No wonder why it´s such a popular place. To enjoy this place and have a chance to swim in the Natural Spa, you need to arrive early morning.

roadtrip western australia

Margaret River, Western Australia Roadtrip

This town and its surroundings have such a great vibe. Grapes fields and wineries everywhere give to this town the chilled and holiday atmosphere. If you have more time, explore some of many breathtaking caves and go for a ride into the forest with giant trees.

Margaret River, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay, Western Australia

Hamelin Bay is a tiny town with one caravan park and one boat harbour. And the boat harbour is why Hamelin Bay got so popular! During nice weather, you can meet a lot of friendly stingrays coming really close to shore. Just be careful to interact with them as they are still wild animals with a big stinger on the tale!

stingray hamelin bay stingray hamelin bay

Peaceful Bay, Western Australia

Peaceful Bay is near Denmark and offers many hidden spots and beaches. If you have a 4WD car, turn your google maps into the satellite mode and spend a few days in Peaceful Bay. Ideal place in Western Australia for swimming, snorkelling, fishing or tracking. Just be careful near water line and rocks, as the Great Southern Ocean can be rough. Big freak waves are often and can be really dangerous.

roadtrip, western australia

Greens Pool & Elephant Rocks, Western Australia

Greens pool is roughly 500 m long from and 300 m wide. Together with on the other side Elephant Rocks, it has been created naturally by rocks protecting this shoreline area from the swell of the Southern Ocean.

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Elephant Rocks, Denmark, Western Australia

Lights Beach, Western Australia

Lights Beach is actually three beaches in one in Denmark!
From the wooden lookout, you can see all three of them accessible from one place.
The eastern beach has such a unique ocean waterfall rushing into Princess pools and then creating a waterfall onto the beach.
The middle beach usually has really big waves and it’s not recommended for swimming.

lights beach, WA

Dunsky Beach, Western Australia

Dunsky Beach is a little beach in West Cape Howe National Park. There are tonnes of great fishing spot and beautiful nature. But this beach particularly is our favourite and we spent there the whole day. Matty was fishing off the rocks and I was admiring the wildlife as Dunsky Beach is home to many seals!

The entrance is free but camping is prohibited unless you are in designed camping sites for 11 AUD per person per night.

wildlife australia, sealwildlife australia, sealwildlife australia, seal

The Gap and Natural Bridge, Western Australia

The Gap is a spectacular sheer drop of almost twenty-five metres. The channel is formed by the waves of the Great Southern Ocean crashing against the granite coastline.

The Gap, Denmark, Western Australia

Right above The Gap, there is a see-through metal viewing platform.

Just a few metres from The Gap is Natural Bridge.

Another granite formation that looks just like a giant rock bridge. Same like gap, this giant rock bridge is caused by the Southern Ocean crashing into the granite cliffside and wearing off the rock formation.

Even though this place is an amazing reminder of how powerful the ocean is, the day pass to see these two spots is 13 AUD per vehicle.
Natural Bridge, Denmark, Western Australia

Albany Whaling station, Western Australia

Albany is a town well known for whaling in the past. For 178 years Albany was the centre of Australia´s whaling industry. Closed in 1978 and now open for the public to learn more about whales and history of whaling.

For 30 AUD you can join 40 minutes guided tour, visit the museum, watch short movies, enter whale oil tanks or even climb aboard the Cheynes IV, the world’s only preserved Whalechaser ship.

Little Beach in Two Peoples Bay, Western Australia

Little Beach is a stunning white beach with sand same like in Esperance, pristine clear and squeaky. As it´s inside of Two Peoples Bay Nature Reserve, there is a day entrance fee 13 AUD per vehicle.

Little Beach is not just blessed with sugary sand and turquoise blue water. Two giant rocks in the middle of the beach make it even more picturesque place.

Little beach, Denmark, Western Australia

Continue on the very end of Little Beach, climb across rocks and you will find another beach called Waterfall Beach.

Tip: We highly recommend you to pay the entrance day pass and display it on your dashboard. The day pass ticket works on the honesty box principle. We parked on a really busy car park in front of Little Beach and noticed we are the only car there with the day pass, thinking that we just spent pointlessly 13 AUD. After chilling on the beach and coming back to the car, we were the only car without a ticket fine from the ranger.

Little beach, Denmark, Western Australia

Bremer Bay, Western Australia

Little town 580 km from Perth with a general store, camping options and tap with drinking water to refill your water tank in the car. The main beach in Bremer Bay is massive and empty and the sand is so fine and soft!

If you have time, join the boat trip and try your luck to spot Killer Whales!

Esperance, Western Australia Roadtrip

Esperance is on the top of a travel bucket list of many people. And there are a few good reasons why!
It´s said Esperance has Australia’s most beautiful and whitest beaches with pristine turquoise waters. The sand is soft and clear that it creates a squeaky sound when you walk on it.

Read more about Esperance

Esperance, Wylie Bay, Western Australia

Our last stop was Lucky Bay. It was the main goal destinations of our road trip and the highlight of this whole trip!
Read more about Lucky Bay

roadtrip esperance lucky bay

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Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia Esperance, Lucky Bay, kangaroo Western Australia

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