Flores – Untouched Island in Indonesia

This time we decided to travel around the forgotten part of Flores Island

We flew from Bali where we are based into Maumere, the largest town on Flores island in East Nusa Tenggara.

It is a different destination as most people go to Labuan Bajo side of Flores (the access to Komodo national park and Lombok) and we could tell as soon as we arrived!

We almost have been the only tourist there, so if you guys decide to go there, the local experience is 100%! 🙂 There are a lot of beautiful untouched beaches and places. The people are friendly and so kind for helping as much… well as much as their English skills let them:)

Tip: As soon as possible buy a SIM card with data for your phone, so you can properly use google maps for direction, accommodation etc. If you travel from Bali, you can use same SIM card with data, but Flores Island has no reception only Telkomsel Simpati!

To avoid the same mistake as we did… from the airport take a taxi straight away to your accommodation and rent a bike there if it is provided. We were walking for like two hours in the hottest heat through a town which doesn’t look or smell nice, we then found out there is no rental companies and renting a bike on the street is almost impossible unlike Bali. Thanks to our ability of speaking Indonesian and luck we did manage to find a scooter, one local guy rented his scooter to us for a 5 days! such a legend…

  • Scooter per der is usually 100.000 IDR (10AUD, 180 CZK)

Riding around on a scooter made everything so much easier. We found a lovely homestay called Pantai Paris and from this spot we took all of our footage including the scooter rides, boat trips and adventures. Click below see in our video ↓

Snorkeling trip

We chose boat trip from Ankermi Happy Dive, 30 mins scooter ride from Maumere. It was really interesting to see the crack in the reef from earthquake and Tsunami in 1992. But try to choose diffferent company as boat “guide” wasn´t helpful or knowlegable at all and in general the atmosphere during the whole trip wasnt that enjoyable like usualy in Indonesia is!:) We personnely prefer snorkeling on the Labuan Bajo side, because of Manta ray, Padar Island, Komodo dragons and more which you can see in this video.
But still nice good experience and every day spent on boat is good day:)

  • 225.000 IDR per person with lunch included. (+- 22 AUD, 400 CZK)

Across the Island

After boat trip we wanted to go and have a look on the beaches on the oposit side. It was charming ride through thick jungle, where you can see grow wild pineapple, jack fruit, cocoa, papaya and bananas! But good to know, after 3 hours ride we found out – there is no beaches in this area of southern part but cliff only:)

Koka beach, Sikka village

New day new start and we this time planned!:D to go again on the Southern side of Flores and see Koka beach – definitely must see, stunning beach with possibility of small hike with an amazing view.

Once you are there stop by in Sikka local village to see traditional culture with Portuguese influence and on the way there you will pass few more black sand beaches. We bought Squid on the street from fisherman and ask in local warung for its preparation. Yummy!

In the second part of our stay in Flores you can visit with us rocky hidden beach, driving scooter on the very edge of the cliff to get there and hide from the rain under banana leaves. You can experience with us the Kelimutu Volcano during sunrise and more in this video ↓

Kelimutu Volcano

We woke up in Maumere at 1 am, drove 3,5 hour from to Kelimutu and then did an easy (kids friendly) hike on the top of this Volcano so we can see all three lakes when the sun is rising ♥

We shared this beautiful experience with just few local people and two or three tourists. Highly recommend it! 

Tip: do not go on Sunday or ceremony day as the entrance fee would be double with many people!

  • Normal price is 150.000 IDR per person (+- 15AUD, 280 CZK) and 5.000 IDR per scooter.

Waterfalls under Kelimutu

After volcano the plan was to cool down in a waterfall.

First we visited Murundao waterfall, just under the volcano, easy findable on the google maps, small sign on the street and super easy 3 minute walk to get at waterfall where was one local women, thats it:)

On the way back home we stopped for a coffee break and have been told there is another waterfall half an hour hike to get there. Its called Niagara Murukeba (better ask for air terjun Murukeba) and its seriously piece of work! It took us to get there at least hour and half not easy walk at all, no signs, but it was definitely worth it!!
Tip: You can find this waterfall on the google maps, but the pin is like 300 m before, so continue towards volcano and keep your eyes open for small bamboo broken letter leading uphill of a field.

 Alok market

Every Thuesday in Maumere is big market with everything and probably more:) Its called Alok and you can find it on google maps aswell. Its open every day from 6am till like 12 am but on Thuesday there are the most sellers as people from surrounded villages doesnt have to pay for the selling spot.

Night fish market

Just maybe 15 mins scooter ride from Maumere is village called Wuring. Its fisherman village with houses buid on the water. Its cool to see but sad in the same time, we have never seen that much rubish. And we did travel around Asia a lot already.
But anyway, every day after 5 pm there is fish market, where you can buy fresh tuna, prawns, snapper, calamari and many others, ask for cleaning and then bring it to the lady with BBQ and she will cook it for you!

  • We paid 30.000IDR for squid and tuna and 20.000 IDR for cooking. (total +- 5 AUD, 85 CZK)

The best end of day and for us the end of Flores trip!:)

See you in another video and article
Hope you enjoyed it!


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